Costas Mandylor

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Eric Roberts 2 Bedroom 1 Bath
2014 Dee Wallace 2 Bedroom 1 Bath
2010 Cary Elwes Saw: The Final Chapter
2007 Ray Winstone Beowulf
2007 Robin Wright Penn Beowulf
2007 Anthony Hopkins Beowulf
2007 John Malkovich Beowulf
2007 Brendan Gleeson Beowulf
2007 Crispin Glover Beowulf
2007 Angelina Jolie Beowulf
2007 Tom Sizemore Toxic
2006 Alexandra Paul Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York
2006 Michael Ironside Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York
2006 Sally Kellerman Saw III
2005 John Rhys-Davies The Game of Their Lives
2005 Patrick Stewart The Game of Their Lives
2005 Terry Kinney The Game of Their Lives
2005 Lesley Ann Warren The Shore
2005 Ben Gazzara The Shore
2004 Charles Napier DinoCroc
2004 Max Perlich DinoCroc
2004 Brenda Vaccaro Just Desserts
2002 Robert Davi Hitters
2002 Sherilyn Fenn Scent of Danger
2002 Sherilyn Fenn Scent of Murder
2001 Ice-T Gangland
2001 Robin Wright Penn The Pledge
2001 Helen Mirren The Pledge
2001 Sam Shepard The Pledge
2001 Aaron Eckhart The Pledge
2001 Jack Nicholson The Pledge
2001 Harry Dean Stanton The Pledge
2001 Tom Noonan The Pledge
2001 Patricia Clarkson The Pledge
2001 Benicio Del Toro The Pledge
2001 Mickey Rourke The Pledge
2001 Vanessa Redgrave The Pledge
2001 Michael O'Keefe The Pledge
2001 Charles Durning Turn of Faith
1999 James Coburn Deep Water
1999 Erika Eleniak Stealth Fighter
1999 Ernie Hudson Stealth Fighter
1999 Ice-T Stealth Fighter
1999 Philip Bosco Youngest Godfather
1999 Robert Loggia Youngest Godfather
1999 Edward James Olmos Youngest Godfather
1999 Martin Landau Youngest Godfather
1999 Patti LuPone Youngest Godfather
1998 Dabney Coleman Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
1998 Sam Waterston Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
1998 Jerry Orbach Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
1998 Ice-T Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
1998 Benjamin Bratt Exiled: A Law & Order Movie
1998 Ally Sheedy The Fury Within
1997 Valerie Perrine Shame, Shame, Shame
1997 Charles Durning Shelter
1997 Sammi Davis Stand-Ins
1995 Helen Shaver Falling for You
1995 Billy Dee Williams Falling for You
1995 Malcolm McDowell Fist of the North Star
1995 Chris Penn Fist of the North Star
1995 Melvin Van Peebles Fist of the North Star
1995 Clint Howard Fist of the North Star
1995 Denzel Washington Virtuosity
1995 William Fichtner Virtuosity
1995 Kelly Lynch Virtuosity
1995 Russell Crowe Virtuosity
1995 William Forsythe Virtuosity
1995 Louise Fletcher Virtuosity
1995 Kevin J. O'Connor Virtuosity
1994 Eric Christmas Almost Dead
1994 Robert Davi Delta of Venus
1994 Clive Revill Delta of Venus
1991 Meg Ryan The Doors
1991 Kathleen Quinlan The Doors
1991 Mimi Rogers The Doors
1991 Jennifer Rubin The Doors
1991 Kyle MacLachlan The Doors
1991 Frank Whaley The Doors
1991 Jennifer Tilly The Doors
1991 Michael Madsen The Doors
1991 Val Kilmer The Doors
1991 Kevin Dillon The Doors
1991 Crispin Glover The Doors
1991 Oliver Stone The Doors
1991 Seymour Cassel Mobsters
1991 Patrick Dempsey Mobsters
1991 Christian Slater Mobsters
1991 F. Murray Abraham Mobsters
1991 Richard Grieco Mobsters
1991 Andy Romano Mobsters
1991 Michael Gambon Mobsters
1991 Chris Penn Mobsters
1991 Anthony Quinn Mobsters
1991 Lara Flynn Boyle Mobsters
1991 Garry Marshall Soapdish
1991 Carrie Fisher Soapdish
1991 Sally Field Soapdish
1991 Whoopi Goldberg Soapdish
1991 Robert Downey, Jr. Soapdish
1991 Cathy Moriarty Soapdish
1991 Elisabeth Shue Soapdish
1991 Kevin Kline Soapdish
1989 Willem Dafoe Triumph of the Spirit
1989 Robert Loggia Triumph of the Spirit
1989 Edward James Olmos Triumph of the Spirit
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