By ourreddog
Written January 28, 2013
the book was boring and so was the movie. sorry r-patz, i cracked up when a cake was smashed in your face and that was the only time i smiled during this movie. great actors, but super boring movie.............
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Edward Hires a Limo

By 1997Chief
Written September 09, 2012
Cosmopolis is a sullen and dark film about a 28 year old billionaire who has little in common with characters who float in and out of his limo/life. He is predisposed to sexual deviations, lying to his mega rich spouse, manipulation of the yuan, murder and masochistic activities that leave the audience never feeling any empathy for this wholly evil amoral person. The film has the drama and suspense of paint drying; while the limo with its sullen rider makes a trip across Manhattan so the deviant can get a haircut, those advisers, and service providers are there only to satisfy the insatiable desires of this moral deviant. The characters come and go to have sex, expound on money and advice and philosophy to the young narcissist; only to get the feeling that the defect of humanity is wholly incapable of feeling anything of life, love, mankind and himself. I won't spoil the ending; however I will say that you will walkout of the theater with $20 hole in your pocket.
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Brilliant film!

By misslaurie429
Written August 27, 2012
Rob Pattinson is completely Oscar worthy! It's a good film that keeps you going until the end.
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By StaceyKent94
Written August 26, 2012
Cronenberg and Pattinson team up is genius......prepare to have your mind blown and the urge to want to see it again
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By Peneflix
Written September 12, 2012
David Cronenberg has made some pivotally powerful films ("Eastern Promises", "History of Violence") but "Cosmopolis" does not flirt or touch the legitimacy of his past movies... A dark, senseless "awakening" in a materialistic, capitalistic "cosmos"; billionaire "Eric Packer" spends a day in a white stretch limousine (technologically equipped), visited by staff, girlfriends, financial advisers, even his doctor; while watching his portfolio shrink into oblivion; his car massacred by disgruntled, frustrated mobs; his wife of few weeks, regains her senses, abandons him. He is an emotionally bereft cad; undeserving of a modicum of empathy... Minor roles, depicted by major actors (Amy Morton, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti) could not save this platitudinous prattle from sinking into a mire of murky melodrama... ONE & 1/2 STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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