By TopBull1
Written August 25, 2012
We saw this while in Paris this summer - absolutely horrible movie even if you like Rob Pattinson. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. We see all types of weird, artsy, obtuse movies, and this one is just not a good movie.
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Great Film!

By amadiamantes
Written July 05, 2015
I had to drive 80 miles, take 2 trains and spend a total of $75 to see this film. It was worth it! I've never seen anything like it, and Robert Pattinson really showed us what he's made of. It was creepy to watch the character become unhinged throughout the second half of the movie. Great performance!
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Rob? Edward? Nowhere in sight...

By Lulwa
Written September 04, 2015
Robert Pattinson is so good in the role of Eric Packer it almost makes my teeth hurt. There is no hint of any other character he ever played, no repetitive mannerism and nothing identifiable from any of his public appearances. Paul Giamatti's Benno is sad and scary-memorable.The film itself is genius, Cronenbergian but amzingly restrained. Many of the lines are lough-out-loud funny, in a warped kind of way. I especially loved the riff on rats as money. What does it mean? Argue and discuss among yourselves for weeks and months and you'll never decide on one. And you'll either love this film extravagantly or hate it or just go "Huh?"
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Don't waste your time and money

By See-A-Lot
Written May 31, 2016
This movie is boring and incomprehensible. When I saw it, quite a few people walked out early. The only reason people are going to this movie is the recent publicity concerning the star. Don't waste your money.
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By backrowmiddleseat
Written September 07, 2012
What else would you expect from David Cronenberg but a bizarre tale that has you scratching your head and wondering if his brain is wired differently from the rest of the world. This time though it isnt all his fault for the film is true to Don DeLilo's eerily prophetic book. As to Robert Pattinson's performance all I can say is goodbye Edward Cullen and hello Oscar!
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