• Released
  • February 27, 2009
  • NR
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A handful of twenty-somethings whose lives are defined by their fascination with the virtual world try to make sense of heir carbon-based reality in this independent comedy-drama. Nick (John-Michael Thomas) is a would-be rock musician who spends nearly all of his free time hanging out with his friends in a rented loft they've equipped with computers and a high-speed internet connection so they can get together for multi-player online video games. One of Nick's gaming friends is Kei (Jen Nikolaisen), who met him through their shared love for obscure anime, and it's Nick's first real world relationships that seems to have a real chance of evolving into lasting love. But when one has spend nearly all their adult life immersed in a world seen through a computer screen with a controller at hand, what's a man to do when he doesn't want to play games anymore? The first feature film from writer, director and star John-Michael Thomas, Corpse Run (named for a video game played in the film) also stars Brea Grant, Michael Crabtree, Parker Phillips and Skylar T. Adams. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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