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By AB78
This film really showed the good side of DETROIT! Loved it!! Everyone must see it! DETROIT SUPPORT!!!!...

CornerStore BRINGS IT!

By JohnWilliams333
I didn't expect much from this movie, but it was a huge surprise! I'm from Detroit, and after seeing it, ITS A MUST SEE FOR ANY DETROITER! Great laughs, great characters! Support this film!...

What a surprise!

By livelovelarge
I changed my mind at the theatre and went to see this. Wow - absolutely hilarious. Why is this movie a secret?? This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in YEARS. Forget Fridays or Barbershop...

great movie

By nofxpx1
Great movie! Represents Detroit in every way imaginable!...

A Must See!

By Lyricspraize
I loved this film! This is a must see!. If you live on Detroit this film is for you. It's funny hilarious, soundly serious, and current. If your a Lover of Lottery ticket you will love this film....

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Rated NR