Shakespeare done well on the silver screen

By waldlaw
Written February 05, 2012
Ralph Fiennes has produced a captivating version of Coriolanus. Not only did he do a superb acting job, but he directed as well. It also helps that his supporting cast, including Vanessa Redgrave (also superb), Gerald Butler, Brian Cox and Jessica Chastain, were well cast and delivered strong performances. The modern setting makes Shakespeare, our best playwright, relevant to old and new audiences. Go see!
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Confusing but good production--needs to be seen twice.

By dpswarn
Written January 21, 2012
I was confused and couldn't follow story. The shift to a modern setting was disconcerting when coupled with original Shakespeare dialogue. I think you should know or read the play Coriolanus first or read a synopsis. Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgraves were super, as usual. I might see it again now that I know the story.
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Shakespeare today

By adman68
Written January 25, 2012
Ralph Fiennes is the consummate screen and stage actor - he is able to speak this Elizabethan language in an accessible way. His ability to access base torment is astounding. This is an ENORMOUS oscar performance. Vanessa Redgrave is also at the top of this cast. Both Gerard Butler and Jessica Chastain do a fine job physically, but fail to match the effort brought forth by Mr. Fiennes & Ms. Redgrave, and thus are a bit forgettable. The direction is interesting. It is easy to see how this caste world would be possible today. However, some of the extra players are a little over-the-top. Some of the reality strengths of the Hurt Locker's approach work here - without the shaky camera angles that I, for one, am bored with. It is also refreshing to see combat without all of the ridiculous slo-mo effects that suspend any sense of reality. This film is not for everyone. It is almost more difficult to understand than a foreign film with subtitles - however... definitely give it a shot
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A Modern Translation, Not An Improvement But Acceptable Entertainment.

By Al P
Written April 10, 2012
Always seeking formulas that make money without taking real chances, Hollywood's penchant for the occasional visit to classic literature, while adding their own embellishments, is strongly evident in this composition. Not a bad film, it's hardly worthy of Shakespeare’s pen though. Like many predecessors that exploit Shakespeare in this inferior art form, this movie seeks to reinvent the unnecessary and thereby fails to understand the point of the original work. Strictly based on entertainment value and imagination, it's adequate entertainment, provided of course you're a GREAT listener who can discern a melting pot of dialects applied to the prose of the original work. Somehow, I found straining to hear Roman words spoken with British, US, Asian, Latin and other accents within the same scene most uncomfortable. Still, if you don't mind the avant-garde, somewhat Brooklyn style, you'll dig this one. See it though. Small culture's most always worth the price of a ticket.
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Turn up the volume

By mr_denhart
Written June 09, 2012
This is more of a play then anything else. It's all about the script and the script is like a high school class assignment requirement to go see it.
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