Coriolanus Synopsis
Cast out of Rome, a former war hero (Ralph Fiennes) joins forces with an old enemy to seek revenge.
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Shakespeare done well on the silver screen

By waldlaw
Ralph Fiennes has produced a captivating version of Coriolanus. Not only did he do a superb acting job, but he directed as well. It also helps that his supporting cast, including Vanessa Redgrave...

Confusing but good production--needs to be seen twice.

By dpswarn
I was confused and couldn't follow story. The shift to a modern setting was disconcerting when coupled with original Shakespeare dialogue. I think you should know or read the play Coriolanus first...

Shakespeare today

By adman68
Ralph Fiennes is the consummate screen and stage actor - he is able to speak this Elizabethan language in an accessible way. His ability to access base torment is astounding. This is an ENORMOUS...

A Modern Translation, Not An Improvement But Acceptable Entertainment.

By Al P
Always seeking formulas that make money without taking real chances, Hollywood's penchant for the occasional visit to classic literature, while adding their own embellishments, is strongly evident in...

Turn up the volume

By mr_denhart
This is more of a play then anything else. It's all about the script and the script is like a high school class assignment requirement to go see it....

Citizens Schmitizens

By Jake_Gittes
Not one of Shakespeare's more popular adaptations probably because of the fickle citizens, which might have been acceptable to audiences prior to the Age of Enlightenment, but not so much thereafter....


By doug.brucker
No indication in the 'trailer' that the language is 'elizabethan' or 'whatever'..... trailer is very misleading, movie was very disappointing. We left 40 minutes into the movie, bored with all...


By Rbastian12
We do not see enough modern recreations of Shakespeare films that maintain a certain loyalty to William's original text. Ralph Fines runs the risk of being cheesy early on with certain newsflash...


By Mr Film Freak
I caught a matinee of Ralph Fiennes's adaptation of WilliamShakespeare's Coriolanus. Now I must admit Ive NEVER been the biggest fan of BillyShakes plays, I love reading them but the ones Ive seen...

there are many ways to do this play-this was a good one

By wdm223
go see it and think about it....

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Rated R | For Some bloody violence
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Common Sense Media says War-set Shakespeare adaptation has plenty of blood and gore.
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