CORALINE(3D) - Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! GRADE: A-plus ( Based on advance press preview)

Written August 13, 2009
Early this year I previewed this 101-minute movie-adaptation of established British author, Neil Gaiman's, novel. I was mesmerized from start till end. I read the novel 6 years ago - and the metaphor/allegory-filled story enthralled me. The 3D movie was a visual smorgasbord of the HIGHEST-QUALITY stop-motion animation(not CGI). Under the competent direction of Henry Selick, the novel was transformed into surrealistic captivating art. The fantasy/horror story/novel was awarded the 2003 Hugo Award for Best Novella, the 2003 Nebula Award for Best Novella, and the 2002 Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers - a testimony of Neil Gaiman's masterful story-telling and imagination - and creativity. A tremendous amount of thought and planning resulted in extremely detailed fantastic sets and costumes. Kudos also to the voice-talents of the talented and expressive cast! VERDICT: A MUST-SEE. So far, Coraline is the BEST 3-D animated movie!
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Looks Bad, But It Is Very Enjoyable

By P_i_x_e_l_s
Written February 03, 2009
I've read the book and after I was done I simply loved it. Though when I saw the trailer for this movie, I was concerned, I was hoping that they would stay true to the novel's story line and details. But surprising enough, it does, even though Coraline's hair is blue instead of black. Yes, there is a new character and new things added to it, but everything else is just like the book. I simply enjoyed this movie and I can't believe people are saying that its just So-so. It was awesome and I really loved it! This is so good, that the score and sounds should be nominated for the next Academy Awards in 2010 (and of course the film itself should be nominated too). All I must say is go see it, but see it in 3-D because the 3-D was awesome and made you feel like you are there.
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By katorama
Written January 27, 2009
Really amazing story. Coraline the character is a strong and brave girl. There is no gooey things or lost limbs so don't be scared! It is different than the book in a good way. Go see it with your friends! My 7 and 9 year old loved it.
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By nimnim
Written January 07, 2009
The book creeped me out sooo much! About 10 seconds into the trailer I yelled out in a freakishly high voice CORALINE!!!! And got a lot of stares. I'm very excited for this movie, though it's not quite what I expected..or so I am led to believe from the previews. I think it will be a wonderful macabre claymation creepfest! I love Dakota Fanning, her voice is perfect for Coraline. IMDB relates this to Mirrormask, James & the Giant Peach, and Monkeybone. I'm stoked!!!
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By stephaniesam
Written February 06, 2009
I thought this movie was going to be good for my 5 year old daughter, and was i wrong. It was way to scary for a child. Ecspecially little kids. My daughter had her face covered during half of the movie. The previews are decieving. It looks a little scary, but the ending was terribly scary. I love the other claymation movies, but this was over the top. It should of been pg-13. I am very dissapointed with what they will let little kids see. It also had 2 half naked ladies in the movie and bouncing boobs on a old lady. Argh!. My daughter will probably have nightmares tonite thanks to this movie. Beware!
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