Coraline 3D Synopsis
A girl (Dakota Fanning) discovers a parallel world where her life is nearly perfect.

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CORALINE(3D) - Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! GRADE: A-plus

Recently I attended this 101-minute movie-adaptation of established British author, Neil Gaiman's, novel. I was mesmerized from start till end. I read the novel 6 years ago - and the...

Coraline was NOT directed by Tim Burton!!

By pgentry53
CORALINE was directed by Henry Selick. Tim Burton was not involved in ANY way. For those of you who make this assumption merely because it is stop motion animation please look a little closer to...

For any of you people who take little children to see a Burton movie...

By soundmob
This movie was wonderful. A must see. The story was dark and interesting and Burton really made it his with his cinematography, camera angles, and score. For you naive people who tookk your kids...

Great entertainment

By dm247
I was thoroughly amused through the whole movie. The animation effects were subtle and helped tell tale without overpowering the story. However, the story lacked some coherence and obviously did not...

Caroline 3-D

By anela
I thought this was a great movie for both the kids and I. (Me being a big kid at heart) We are big Tim Burton fans so this was right up our alley! It was visually pleasing with lots of twists and...

It looks great!

By MeiganF
I went to see the other 3-D movie lastnight and they showed a preview of this movie WHILE I was wearing the glasses. The effects looks very well done 3-D as well as the story line. The different...


By lrosas
Absolutely amazing, I plan on seeing it again and again!...

A Creepy Surreal Experience!

By Anthrogirl
I wouldn't recommend this movie for the under-10 crowd, but if you have tween or teen kids, they will love it! Selick's comment that related this film to "Wizard of Oz" in terms of scare-factor is...

Okay ; to all people who said OH NO!

By bbygirl18
Alright ; if your kids are scared of a movie that isnt real ; then you shouldnt of took them. First of ; Kids are scared of flowers ; so i honestly dont think that this movie is scary to anyone...

Coraline 3d is a hit

By heyokasni
My wife and I both enjoyed Coraline immensley. It has a good solid, entertaining story line and the movie is extremely well executed. We were both blown away by the imagery. When you realize...

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Rated PG | For thematic elements, scary images, some language and suggestive humor
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Common Sense Media says Cool but creepy animated fantasy too scary for young kids.
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