Copperhead Synopsis
Abner Beech exercises his right to free speech in a time when families are divided by the Civil War.
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Great Message

By forpeepsakes
This movie delivered a clear message, of which our family embraces. Even though it was rated PG13, (I am unclear why), it was a good clean family movie. It did not deliver the typical Hollywood ****...

Copperhead - Well Worth Seeing

By pschaeffer0
My daughter and i saw this movie a few days ago. We loved it. It is a great period piece exploring Northern opinion during the Civil War. One town in the North (updates New York) is divided between...

Great movie - Beautifully filmed and scored. I loved it.

By greg764
I attended the premiere in Gettysburg and am going again tonight with all the friends and family I could gather. This is a wonderful movie that is beautifully made and lusciously scored. It drew me...


By flick-er
A beautufully filmed, well acted, interesting story relating to American history (shot in Canada 's spectacular, beautiful New Brunswick)...

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By kglaspie60
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Thought Provoking

By sumnergoodman
I don't agree with the critics' reviews. I found the movie to be visually stunning, with first rate acting and script. It examined moral and political issues not only between North and South but...


By JaystarAndBoo
This is a slow movie, political & a lot of preaching where scripture is taken out of context. That being said, this film does a great job at portraying how people have been and continue to be divided...

Critics have it wrong.

By bcrow
Truth is hard to accept....

Copperhead is a must-see

By 222racer
COPPERHEAD is an historical drama set during the Civil War, about a feud between two men in Upstate New York who don’t see eye to eye on the need for war. Despite a slow, sometimes talky first half,...

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By dsneed
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Rated PG-13 | For For an unsettling sequence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Civil War drama may raise questions about history.
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