Cop Car Synopsis
When two good-natured but rebellious young boys (James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford) stumble across a cop car hidden in a secluded glade they decide to take it for a quick joyride. Their bad decision unleashes the ire of the sheriff (Kevin...
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Support Your Local Police

By conwoop
COP CAR is a fine piece of modern noir. Taking place in rural Colorado, this low-budget flick is adept at building suspense slowly and then hitting you in the face unexpectedly. The film concerns...

Good movie!

By hampton1717408
I am surprised that Cop Car has had such a short run. Kevin Bacon did an excellent job playing his creepy character and the kids were great. I recommend this movie....

cop car

By jwbtopcat
IF you don't have a ending to the movie, don't waste my time....

By joeyangel232357
what a waist of time! boring...

Cop car

By paulchristian
Awful. Whats the conclusion? Just awful. Once again, directors/writers trying to be too smart for everyone. When is this tired bit going to end? Fans hate it. Write a freaking conclusion! It's...

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Rated R | For Brief Drug Use, Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Inventive, minimalistic thriller has some bloody twists.
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