Cooper Huckabee

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Stephen Lang Band of Robbers
2015 Lee Garlington Band of Robbers
2013 Barry Corbin Born Wild
2012 Michael Parks Django Unchained
2012 James Russo Django Unchained
2012 Tom Savini Django Unchained
2012 Russ Tamblyn Django Unchained
2012 Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained
2012 Don Johnson Django Unchained
2012 Bruce Dern Django Unchained
2012 Robert Carradine Django Unchained
2012 Jamie Foxx Django Unchained
2012 Samuel L. Jackson Django Unchained
2012 Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained
2000 William Devane Space Cowboys
2000 James Cromwell Space Cowboys
2000 James Garner Space Cowboys
2000 Barbara Babcock Space Cowboys
2000 Blair Brown Space Cowboys
2000 Marcia Gay Harden Space Cowboys
2000 Clint Eastwood Space Cowboys
2000 Courtney B. Vance Space Cowboys
2000 Rade Serbedzija Space Cowboys
2000 Tommy Lee Jones Space Cowboys
2000 Donald Sutherland Space Cowboys
1997 Mariska Hargitay ER: Good Touch, Bad Touch
1994 Dermot Mulroney Bad Girls
1994 Madeleine Stowe Bad Girls
1994 Stuart Whitman Bad Girls
1994 Drew Barrymore Bad Girls
1994 James Russo Bad Girls
1994 Robert Loggia Bad Girls
1994 James LeGros Bad Girls
1994 Mary Stuart Masterson Bad Girls
1994 Andie MacDowell Bad Girls
1993 Tom Berenger Gettysburg
1993 Bill Campbell Gettysburg
1993 Richard Anderson Gettysburg
1993 Donal Logue Gettysburg
1993 Sam Elliott Gettysburg
1993 Jeff Daniels Gettysburg
1993 Richard Jordan Gettysburg
1993 Buck Taylor Gettysburg
1993 Ken Burns Gettysburg
1993 Kevin Conway Gettysburg
1993 Martin Sheen Gettysburg
1993 Stephen Lang Gettysburg
1992 Michelle Pfeiffer Love Field
1992 Alan Oppenheimer Love Field
1992 Dennis Haysbert Love Field
1988 Adam Baldwin Cohen & Tate
1988 Roy Scheider Cohen & Tate
1987 David Keith The Curse
1987 Claude Akins The Curse
1986 Bert Remsen Eye of the Tiger
1986 Yaphet Kotto Eye of the Tiger
1986 William Smith Eye of the Tiger
1986 Gary Busey Eye of the Tiger
1986 Seymour Cassel Eye of the Tiger
1985 Michael Parks Chase
1985 Richard Farnsworth Chase
1985 Jennifer O'Neill Chase
1983 Michael Landon Little House on the Prairie: Look Back to Yesterday
1982 Earl Holliman Country Gold
1982 Linda Hamilton Country Gold
1982 Dennis Dugan Country Gold
1982 Lee Richardson Country Gold
1981 Kevin Conway The Funhouse
1981 Sylvia Miles The Funhouse
1981 R.G. Armstrong The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Robert Duvall The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Treat Williams The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Kathryn Harrold The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Ed Flanders The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Paul Gleason The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper
1981 Annette O'Toole Stand by Your Man
1980 Herb Vigran Getting Wasted
1980 David Caruso Getting Wasted
1980 George O'Hanlon Getting Wasted
1980 Scott Glenn Urban Cowboy
1980 Barry Corbin Urban Cowboy
1980 Debra Winger Urban Cowboy
1980 John Travolta Urban Cowboy
1979 Ernie Hudson Joni
1979 Bert Remsen Joni
1978 Marc Lawrence Foul Play
1978 Billy Barty Foul Play
1978 Burgess Meredith Foul Play
1978 Hal Needham Foul Play
1978 Dudley Moore Foul Play
1978 Brian Dennehy Foul Play
1978 Goldie Hawn Foul Play
1978 Chuck McCann Foul Play
1978 Rachel Roberts Foul Play
1978 Chevy Chase Foul Play
1978 Eugene Roche Foul Play
1976 Melissa Sue Anderson Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker
1976 Karl Swenson Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker
1976 Michael Landon Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker
1976 Richard Basehart Little House on the Prairie: Troublemaker
1976 Robert Carradine The Pom Pom Girls
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