Conviction Synopsis
A woman (Hilary Swank) earns a law degree to free her brother (Sam Rockwell) from prison.
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"Conviction"--An Oscar-worthy Film

By kellyhead2010
"Conviction" is the best movie I've seen this year. It's been quite some time since I've watched such a quality film as this. Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver, and Juliette Lewis were at their very best....


By delilah333
This is a "must-see." Hilary Swank is truly one of the great actresses of our time. Kudos to Sam Rockwell and Juliette Lewis, and Minnie Driver who deserves a best supporting actress nomination. She...

Tear Jerker

By Mister Right
Even though you know what's going to happen in this movie, you are still suckered in by the strong performances. After all nobody plays "trailer-park" better than Swank and Juliette Lewis. Swank...


By loucin
We both loved the movie...


By planetmark
The human drama is played out in full force with this stellar cast. Hillary Swank Juillette Lewis, Sam Rockwell to name a few. Oh, and I predict a best supporting nod for Juillette Lewis. She...

An Interesting & Inspiring Film

By Vidal_Benbasat
Definitely go see this movie based on a true story.. The creators did a good job genuinely portraying an incredible woman's determination to prove her brothers innocence. She spent 18 years fighting...

UNEQUIVOCALLY A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By irishgland
This should win every imaginable award. Very moving, very touching, impeccable performances etc, A MUST SEE HANDS DOWN!!!...

Powerful true story that is unbelievable -- just the lengths that a sister would do to clear her brother's name

By Moviefanatic35
By the end of this movie, I think it is rather impossible to not be moved by the sheer strength and relentlessness of Betty, played with greatness by Hilary Swank. Its a sad story but an against all...


By salvation15
Trite story. Unbelievable characters -- Hillary Swank is Mother Teresa. Her brother is so guilty you expect a twists ending (which doesn't happen). Done before. Boring and slow....


By Sage_One
Beyond the fact that the storyline reveals the love between siblings, I think the film has much to say about principle, belief, and the search for truth. Often times, these ideas seem to conflict,...

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Rated R | For language and some violent images
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Common Sense Media says Intense, fact-based crime drama celebrates family ties.
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