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Contracted tells the cautionary tale of Samantha (Townsend), a twenty-something party girl with little discipline and even less direction. After experiencing a lapse in her relationship with her lover (Stegeman), she’s forced to move back in with her...
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By ravendove
about this stupid girl who doesn't want to go to the police? not worth your time to watch...

A new take on a familiar setting.

By quezoman
To start, I have to say this film is worth a look. I went in expecting something, and got a totally different ending. The visuals in this film is what is going to get you, so I advise not watching if...

I haven't seen it

By elizabethjasmine1997
Because it's not in my area and me and my friend really want to watch...

Unique horror flick

By jmccloud903
While low-budget and Indy, the movie's pacing did seem a bit slow at times. However, the story is so unique and the payoff at the end is worth the little bumps along the way. Thoroughly enjoyed this...

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