slow plot, poor portrayal

By bigwawao
Written January 15, 2012
despite the brand name actors, the show is dull and slow most of the time. The action is sporadic at best. If you have seen the trailer, you would have thought otherwise. The only saving grace was the funny scene wherein the ship captain was arrested. That's it. My wife fell asleep in the movie house. That's how dragging it was. From the trailer, I thought it would be packed house (saw it on the second day it came out) so I bought tickets in advance online. When I was at the movie house, it was more than half empty.
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Contraband - rated 5 of 5 for overall entertainment value

By mmasoner
Written January 14, 2012
I rate this movie a 5 on a scale 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Mark Wahlberg and supporting cast do a fine job of keeping this film moving. However, there are a few slow scenes when the plot is being planned. The use of profanity is present, but not to a great degree. In my personal opinion, the film would lose no audience by eliminating it's use. The plot itself is a new take on some old stories already told, but it is well arranged and executed. I found the subplot to be a nice surpise as well. Overall, it's a great movie, when it's over you leave the theater feeling good and that's what it's all about...entertainment.
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Awesome Movie

By MlKlein9121
Written January 14, 2012
Mark Wahlberg is excellent once again, but that should not be a surprise. The movie was not predictable and kept me interested. I would not even go to the bathroom because I could not miss a moment. A Must See!
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Written January 14, 2012
Expected a little more but that's just me so if your looking for something that's filled with some clever action hit up the theater and check CONTRABAND out. I will say this though Mark was bad ***haha
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Slow at first, but speed picks up

By trustnoone86
Written January 15, 2012
In January, there aren't too many great choices of movies. With that being said, Contraband was one of the better choices. It was quite slow for the first hour, but the speed picked up and it was actually bearable by that point. The acting was good; the script was far-fetched. It is not a movie I have to see twice.
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