Contraband Synopsis
A ship's captain gets caught up in a German spy ring when he follows shore-pass thieves.
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Film Noir Feel

By brasscop
Although obviously in color,Contraband has the look and feel of a 1940's crime melodrama. And that's a good thing! Wahlberg is convincing as the everyman caught in the middle, and the well paced...

Great Edge of Your Seat Movie

By kristylm
Loved the cast in this movie. Highly entertaining, gripping your seat, heart stopping and fast paste--don't know what's coming next....

Worth the price of admission!

By Movie_Buff_86
Mark Wahlberg is at it again in his latest movie "Contraband." He plays Chris Farraday who has to go back to his old profession in order to protect his brother-in-law from a ruthless drug lord played...

Contraband was really good!

By finnbursch
It's full of action but also had a little humor with a great twist that I didn't see coming. It was very clever. It's not for kids but mostly because of the language. It wasn't as violent as I...


By loumarss
It was a good movie. I would recommend it....

Action packed!

By Dennyova
My son (16) and I (50+)were looking for a movie and Contraband was in its first day of release. We had seen the previews and it looked like a good choice for us. We had an idea of what the story...

Def a must see

By Isis214
This movie keep me so interested the whole way through, sure there are some parts where you think you can figure out the ending and you might be right but the twists and turns are so worth the watch!...


If you love action movies with a bit of a thrill then go see Contraband. There is plenty of action, a great story line, and a plot twist that keeps the movie moving. Mark Wahlberg is great as the hero...

Enjoyed every minute of it!

By drayon2005
Enjoyed every minute of it. Mark's acting is the best for action movies i swear i loove this mans acting. Is right on point and makes you believe every minute of it. HAd a great time. My Husband...

Contraband is a snoozer

By mulesnapper
What a waste of a decent cast. Actors seemed uninspired through out the movie. I would wait until out on DVD. At least that way when you fall asleep you will be on your own couch....

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Rated R | For Brief Drug Use, Violence and Pervasive Language