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Trailers were cool, movie was GREAT

By rockydoggies
Written September 09, 2011
Usually when you have too many great actors together in one movie it turns into a dud, but this thought provoking movie is the exception. The movie doesn't beg the question of "What If" but explores the realms of today's version of a modern Black Plague, Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, Spanish Fever, and so forth. This being said, an epidemic outbreak of this kind could never be discarded as mere fiction or film fantasy. I think the movie tries to deliver a story that realistically could happen in today's modern world. I like how the film uses two things in contrast to each other: the medium of the fast traveling news/media (uncontrolled amateur media & business controlled professional media) versus the means/avenues of how easily a plague can be spread due to modern transportation...which one will get to you first? The movie starts out really fast, so don't be late. The movie does slow down a little too much in the end, but still...this was a great movie.
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So very dissapointed! Feel Ripped off.

By Isabel7830
Written September 09, 2011
I was SO excited to see this movie. Could not wait. To say it was a dissapointment is a major under statement. They have a bunch of main characters whose characters they never really develope. Almost no intense scenes of the epidemic at all. No real conclusion but they leave you feeling like....where is the ending to this movie! So dissapointed! This movie had such potential and they think by throwing a few good actors that they can throw anything at the viewers and they will like it. What a waste of talent and potential!!
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Contagion review

By Muvie Reviewer
Written September 10, 2011
This is a great All Star cast in a movie that fizzles flat. This is the type of movie that would make a good telemovie at best. The movie opens on the 2nd day that a mysterious disease has begun to spread and then the story moves forward. There are smaller stories being told that are tied into the spread of this contagious disease however many of the characters are underdeveloped or incomplete. This movie is complete with conspiracy theories and leaves the movie goer with more questions than answers about some of the characters. At the end of the movie and in a flash (approximately no more than 60 seconds) it is reveiled how the disease began and then the end credits. For a great movie on a contagious disease you are better off renting Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo, imo.
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Contagion review

By criand
Written September 10, 2011
It's extremely well made, very realistic, very well acted. It has all the right ingredient, including a good storyline, but somehow it fails to really thrill
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By rubio589
Written September 11, 2011
The previews are a little misleading for this movie. They imply lots of action, but it was not an action movie. This takes a little away from the movie. However, it was definitely a very realistic account of an epidemic.
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