Constellation, Very Important Film....

By TexasMovieBuff
Written February 10, 2015
Very strong movie. Sure, it makes you think, but the film doesn't depend on profanity, gunfire, or other dull thinking methods to tell the story. As I watched the film, I realized it's about everyone, all of us play different roles in the lives of our families and friends, and things aren't always easy to understand. But the bottomline is, the movie provoked emotion at so many levels.....we can all use that now and then.
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father daughter relationships

By ratherbeflutin
Written February 05, 2007
This movie has so many facets. It is a inter-racial relationship movie, it is a father daughter relationship movie, it is a family dealing with a death movie, and it is a facing inner issues movie. I think it is time for a movie like this as far as being about African American's that isn't based on the "hood" or is a comedy. It is about intelligent, caring and loving people who are a family - and they look beyond race to love one another. We could all learn a lesson from this. It has no camera effects, no computer graphics, no shootings or sex. It is a drama and calls on the viewer to think and feel. I think this writer director will only get better in time and he is one to watch out for.
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By slb823
Written February 05, 2007
Drifts from place to place, not convincing and didn't really have any purpose. Nice seeing most of the actors, though.
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No Way

By Mizz Nikki
Written February 24, 2007
BET could have done better than this. I just knew this movie was going to be looked at the cast, they played my favorite Brandy song during the commercial (which I never heard once in the movie) and it looked moving. I was totally bored and about to fall asleep. I stayed awake in hopes that around the corner the movie would get better. It didn't. This was a waste of my money. This isn't even something to buy on DVD. And that's sad because had the movie been developed a bit more, it would have and could have went somewhere.
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It's a thinker

By Mo' Movies
Written February 14, 2007
Constellation has gotten some pretty harsh reviews but I feel that overall the movie is a good watch. It is slow in pace but for good reason as it tries to explore the often complicated area of broken or estranged family relationships. I enjoyed the film. There was beautiful artwork and beautiful acting. I think the cast did well and hope that more people will support the film.
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