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The story of an African-American family in the South that must struggles to face its past.
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Washington Post

By Desson Thomson
The central story, in which Helms has to make up his mind whether to attend his sister's funeral, is too limited a conflict to hang a movie...
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By Robert Koehler
Exceptionally strong cast is pictures beating heart.
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TV Guide

By Maitland McDonagh
There are effective scenes and powerful performances scattered among long sequences in which various members of the family gaze into space...
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L.A. Weekly

By Scott Foundas
Only Williams makes any real emotional connection: I'm not sure I'd call his performance good, but there's something fascinating about...
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Writer-director Jordan Walker-Pearlman can't adequately handle either of his tasks: The script is as sappy as the direction is awkward....
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Entertainment Weekly

By Scott Brown
Deeply odd films are often deeply personal ones, and Constellation, a dazed, inchoate drama about a mixed-race Alabama family, tells a...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Sheri Linden
Heavy-handedness prevails, with the schmaltzy original score as unconvincing as the script. An over-reliance on song, from pop to Puccini...
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The New York Times

If earnestness equaled skill, Constellation would be a classic.
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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Crust
Walker-Pearlman's strengths lie in these characterizations and his ability to draw subtle performances from his actors. However, the...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
Williams appears to be having trouble keeping his eyes open, and the audience will, too.
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Constellation, Very Important Film....

By TexasMovieBuff
Very strong movie. Sure, it makes you think, but the film doesn't depend on profanity, gunfire, or other dull thinking methods to tell the story. As I watched the film, I realized it's about...


By CreoleInDC
With a cast like this you would have thought it was going to be a good movie because the trailer was good. I'm so sorry to say this...because I traveled 40 minutes away from my home in order to see...

father daughter relationships

By ratherbeflutin
This movie has so many facets. It is a inter-racial relationship movie, it is a father daughter relationship movie, it is a family dealing with a death movie, and it is a facing inner issues movie. I...


By slb823
Drifts from place to place, not convincing and didn't really have any purpose. Nice seeing most of the actors, though....

No Way

By Mizz Nikki
BET could have done better than this. I just knew this movie was going to be looked at the cast, they played my favorite Brandy song during the commercial (which I never heard once in...

It's a thinker

By Mo' Movies
Constellation has gotten some pretty harsh reviews but I feel that overall the movie is a good watch. It is slow in pace but for good reason as it tries to explore the often complicated area of...


By tsolomon75
This movie was a waste of money. The acting was horrible... too many celebrities in one movie; and not one good performance. This movie does not come recommended... not even as a Netflix. I try and...


By go_getter
This was one of the worst movies that I have seen in quite some time. Though Gabrielle Union and Billy D Williams were in the cast, it still was not enough to make the movie. I think that the theme...

What's the story line?

By iluv2cmovies
The movie started out good. However after about twenty minutes it goes down hill. The remainder of the show is spent jumping from scene to scene and each scene seems incomplete. By the end of the...

Constellation: Making a Mark....Before the Marker

By treybert
Funny note is that the trailer for Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls was showcased before this movie....many of the same actors/actresses are in both. Which isn't a bad thing - as talent abounds....

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language and a sexual reference