Constance Talmadge
Date of Birth
Apr 19, 1899
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1927 Alice White Breakfast at Sunrise
1927 Bryant Washburn Breakfast at Sunrise
1927 Marie Dressler Breakfast at Sunrise
1927 Antonio Moreno Venus of Venice
1926 Tullio Carminatti The Duchess of Buffalo
1925 Ronald Colman Her Sister from Paris
1925 Antonio Moreno Learning to Love
1924 Lionel Barrymore America / The Fall of Babylon
1924 Neil Hamilton America / The Fall of Babylon
1924 Jack Mulhall The Goldfish
1924 Jean Hersholt The Goldfish
1924 ZaSu Pitts The Goldfish
1924 Ronald Colman Her Night of Romance
1924 Jean Hersholt Her Night of Romance
1923 Tully Marshall Dangerous Maid
1923 Jack Mulhall Dulcy
1922 Warner Oland East Is West
1922 James Gleason Polly of the Follies
1922 Thomas Carr Polly of the Follies
1922 Billie Dove Polly of the Follies
1922 Harrison Ford Primitive Lover
1921 Flora Finch Lessons in Love
1921 Harrison Ford Wedding Bells
1920 Ned Sparks Good References
1920 Ned Sparks In Search of a Sinner
1920 John Halliday Love Expert
1920 Ned Sparks Perfect Woman
1920 Charles Meredith Perfect Woman
1919 Harrison Ford Experimental Marriage
1919 Raymond Hatton Experimental Marriage
1919 Tully Marshall The Fall of Babylon
1919 Seena Owen The Fall of Babylon
1919 Carl Stockdale The Fall of Babylon
1919 Harrison Ford Happiness a La Mode
1919 Monte Blue Romance and Arabella
1919 Harrison Ford Romance and Arabella
1919 Wyndham Standing A Temperamental Wife
1919 Armand Kaliz A Temperamental Wife
1919 Harrison Ford Veiled Adventure
1919 Ned Sparks A Virtuous Vamp
1919 Harrison Ford Who Cares?
1918 Harrison Ford Good Night, Paul
1918 ZaSu Pitts Good Night, Paul
1918 Norman Kerry Good Night, Paul
1918 Harrison Ford Lady's Name
1918 ZaSu Pitts Lady's Name
1918 Tom Moore The Lesson
1918 Harrison Ford Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots
1918 Wanda Hawley A Pair of Silk Stockings
1918 Harrison Ford A Pair of Silk Stockings
1918 Harrison Ford Sauce for the Goose
1918 Theda Bara She Devil
1918 Edward Peil Sr. Shuttle
1918 Johnny Hines Studio Girl
1918 Norman Kerry Up the Road with Sallie
1917 Monte Blue Betsy's Burglar
1916 Wallace Reid Intolerance
1916 George Siegmann Intolerance
1916 Tully Marshall Intolerance
1916 Robert Harron Intolerance
1916 Carl Stockdale Intolerance
1916 Seena Owen Intolerance
1916 Eugene Pallette Intolerance
1916 Tod Browning Intolerance
1916 W.S. Van Dyke Intolerance
1916 Lillian Gish Intolerance
1916 Erich Von Stroheim Intolerance
1916 Monte Blue Intolerance
1916 Bessie Love Intolerance
1916 Mae Marsh Intolerance
1916 Miriam Cooper Intolerance
1916 Donald Crisp Intolerance
1916 Monte Blue The Matrimaniac
1916 Douglas Fairbanks The Matrimaniac
1916 Monte Blue Microscope Mystery
1915 Flora Finch The Lady of Shalott
1914 Paul Kelly Buddy's Downfall
1914 Paul Kelly Buddy's First Call
1914 Antonio Moreno In the Latin Quarter
1914 Norma Talmadge The Peacemaker
1914 Antonio Moreno The Peacemaker
1914 Julia Swayne Gordon Uncle Bill
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