a complex and beautiful film

By ptzr
Written October 05, 2013
This film has so many thematic layers: the fragility of a well-constructed self; the nutty extremes we put our bodies through in search of mental relief; what happens in a relationship when there's an imbalance of desire. The writing is superb, and the performances are probably the most subtle and deep I've seen all year. Don't be scared off if you think you won't like a suburban lesbian drama about a housewife who goes on a hooker jag. This film is truly great, and it will likely be one of the few we're still talking about in ten and twenty years.
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Real life snapshot.

By acupo0012
Written January 30, 2014
I discovered this little gem at the Angelika theater in New York City. I found the story really gripping and surprisingly approachable for all audiences. Later I looked up the director Stacie Passon and was amazed to find that this was her first feature film. A wonderful debut effort. I recommended it to all.
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It Was Entertaining

By hoffoliv
Written February 18, 2014
The title is enough said.
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By pixelblast9000
Written November 03, 2013
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