Review for the real Robert E. Howard fans

By Hoffmaier
Written August 20, 2011
Okay, you've heard the bashing from the "real" "critics" who know nothing about REH. Now, here's a review for those who know Conan. I've been wanting to write this review for decades since I was first disappoimted by Arnold and the unmentionable TV show and cartoon. The real Conan has finally arrived! Momoa looks like a Frazetta painting. He can act. He has both "melancholies" and "mirth." (If you don't get the references, go read a REH book.) The sword fighting is unrelenting and has the fluidity of a Barry Smith drawing. The wenches are lusty, the beer and blood flow, and Conan gets his obligatory quicky after saving the damsel in distress. You get to see Cimmeria in snow, a City of Thieves, and Conan on the sea as a pirate. There is the Conan versus many fight, the Conan versus tentacled sea creature fight, and the Conan versus bad a*s swordsman fight, with the collapse of a skull temple at the end. The only REH ingredients missing are an ape and a snake. Real REH fans: go now!
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Great Movie

Written August 23, 2011
It was really great -- definitely not for anyone under the age of about 16. Little sex (and what a great body Conan has) lots of fighting --- not exceptionally bloody which sounds kind of funny because they show cut off heads, etc. But they didn't show them cutting off the heads and they weren't all drippy.... Anyway - I highly recommend the movie -- no slow times / really great!
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Conan The Barbarian, the return

By SpartanJEK
Written August 19, 2011
Folks we all love Arnold as Conan, that is a given, but it has been almost thirty years and Arnold is not coming back to the Hyborian age. This movie is good, Jason Moma did a very good job depicting a young conan. The young actor who played Conan as a child is a martial artist with a black belt rating and he proves it with his moves. The battles were bloddy the carnage interesting , the magic wasn't over the top, it was subtle and effective. The story is good, I felt it was rushed (because I read the book) but the story made sense. This is not a loyalty to Arnold contest, this introduces Conan to a new generation, and the realism is great. I highly recommend you go see it, but don't compare Jason to Arnold, Jason has a sleek musculature that promises to grow bigger as he grows older (think The Rock!). See it See it Sex, murder mayhem, what more could you want? Aliens? Well there is Cowboys and Aliens in the next theater.
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By bowserpants mckoopa
Written August 20, 2011
Good pacing, violent, believable characters. Pretty metal movie.
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Amazing Movie

By Yatari
Written August 19, 2011
Great Action movie!!!!
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