Obedience to Authority

By Eddie_Blue
Written September 01, 2012
based on actual events and borrowing from the milgram experiments on obedience to authority, Compliance will have some viewers squirming and others passing judgement. still, show that an overwhelming plurality will subject their fellow human beings to horrific treatment when told to by authority figures. this film highlights the banality of evil. great movie making here.
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By mickanese401
Written April 13, 2013
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Made me SICK!

By Kristina Gulla
Written February 06, 2015
Horribly disgusting. That's the only way I can describe this film. Although it was based on a true story, the characters' actions were not believable! While watching it on netflix, it made me sick to my stomach, so much that i had to turn the movie off. It wasn't the least bit realistic and I wish I never would've watched it.
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This actually happened

By joshuaeverett
Written April 25, 2013
Ok I worked for the law firm that handled this case in Kentucky, this movie is crazy close to what actually happened! You won't believe it, but I promise you step by step this is what happened. With minor details tweaked but seriously it went down just like this. Same prank happened nationwide. Dozens of managers bought it at different levels.
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