Date of Birth
Mar 13, 1972
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2017 Keanu Reeves John Wick 2
2017 Peter Stormare John Wick 2
2017 John Leguizamo John Wick 2
2017 Ian McShane John Wick 2
2016 Cedric the Entertainer Barbershop: The Next Cut
2016 Sean Patrick Thomas Barbershop: The Next Cut
2016 Ice Cube Barbershop: The Next Cut
2016 Allison Janney A Happening of Monumental Proportions
2015 Cary Elwes Being Charlie
2015 Liam Neeson Run All Night
2015 Vincent D'Onofrio Run All Night
2015 Ed Harris Run All Night
2014 Diane Lane Every Secret Thing
2014 Dylan Baker Selma
2014 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Selma
2014 Giovanni Ribisi Selma
2014 Martin Sheen Selma
2014 Tim Roth Selma
2014 Tom Wilkinson Selma
2014 Oprah Winfrey Selma
2013 Woody Harrelson Now You See Me
2013 Michael Caine Now You See Me
2013 Morgan Freeman Now You See Me
2013 Mark Ruffalo Now You See Me
2013 Snoop Dogg Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records
2013 Ray Liotta Pawn
2013 Michael Chiklis Pawn
2013 Stephen Lang Pawn
2013 Forest Whitaker Pawn
2012 M. Emmet Walsh The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2012 Jennifer Garner The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2012 David Morse The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2012 Dianne Wiest The Odd Life of Timothy Green
2011 Anthony LaPaglia Happy Feet Two
2011 Brad Pitt Happy Feet Two
2011 Hank Azaria Happy Feet Two
2011 Matt Damon Happy Feet Two
2011 Elijah Wood Happy Feet Two
2011 Robin Williams Happy Feet Two
2011 Hugo Weaving Happy Feet Two
2011 Colm Meaney Hell on Wheels: Season 01
2011 Charles S. Dutton LUV
2011 Danny Glover LUV
2011 Dennis Haysbert LUV
2011 Lonette McKee LUV
2011 Cary Elwes New Year's Eve
2011 Michelle Pfeiffer New Year's Eve
2011 Robert De Niro New Year's Eve
2011 Sarah Jessica Parker New Year's Eve
2011 Hector Elizondo New Year's Eve
2011 Hilary Swank New Year's Eve
2011 Jim Belushi New Year's Eve
2011 Cherry Jones New Year's Eve
2011 Carla Gugino New Year's Eve
2011 Halle Berry New Year's Eve
2011 Ice Cube Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
2011 Ice-T Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
2010 Tina Fey Date Night
2010 Mark Wahlberg Date Night
2010 Steve Carell Date Night
2010 William Fichtner Date Night
2010 Mark Ruffalo Date Night
2010 Pam Grier Just Wright
2010 Queen Latifah Just Wright
2009 Christian Bale Terminator Salvation
2009 Michael Ironside Terminator Salvation
2009 Jane Alexander Terminator Salvation
2009 Helena Bonham Carter Terminator Salvation
2008 Forest Whitaker Street Kings
2008 Keanu Reeves Street Kings
2008 Cedric the Entertainer Street Kings
2008 Jay Mohr Street Kings
2008 Hugh Laurie Street Kings
2008 Terence Stamp Wanted
2008 Angelina Jolie Wanted
2008 Morgan Freeman Wanted
2007 Carla Gugino American Gangster
2007 Joe Morton American Gangster
2007 Jon Polito American Gangster
2007 Josh Brolin American Gangster
2007 Armand Assante American Gangster
2007 Cuba Gooding, Jr. American Gangster
2007 Denzel Washington American Gangster
2007 Russell Crowe American Gangster
2007 Ruby Dee American Gangster
2007 Clarence Williams III American Gangster
2007 Ted Levine American Gangster
2007 Ben Affleck Smokin' Aces
2007 Alex Rocco Smokin' Aces
2007 Andy Garcia Smokin' Aces
2007 Peter Berg Smokin' Aces
2007 Ray Liotta Smokin' Aces
2006 Snoop Dogg Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable
2006 Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable
2005 Dave Chappelle Dave Chappelle's Block Party
2005 Mos Def Dave Chappelle's Block Party
2004 Snoop Dogg Letter to the President
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