Colombiana Synopsis
A young woman grows up to become a stone-cold assassin.
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Colombiana: B-

By MattH306
The script leaves something to be desired, but Colombiana was entertaining....

Colombiana Review in 5 Points

By Sosa829
1) Acting is uneven- some good, some horrible 2) Colombian accents?? 3) Way too rushed - felt the same way about Taken; perhaps Luc Besson is starting to lose his touch 4) Cinematography kinda...

Revenge Personified

By Hippy0149
An entertaining and informative movie about the effects of childhood trama on adult life which still a good story line and attention grabbing. Recommend that it be seen by ADULTS ONLY as the...


By Jerig
Great Adult Movie; filled with lots of action! Could see it again....

Never wanted to be skinny

By ThatGRL
I never wanted to be skinny until I saw Zoe Saldana in this movie. She made skinny very sexy, the girl was HOT! In this movie she is 2011's Cat Woman. Halle Berry Who? The movie is exciting from...

By leaeste04@yahoo

TErribly disappointed

By sdragus78
I love Luc Besson, I was expecting much better direction, the script was bad, sometimes almost silly. bad acting, I can't believe I paid for this movie....

It's well-done but predictable

By MarliandMechick
I really liked this movie, it's intense, action-oriented, well-done, and interesting. But it was also very predictable, unrealistic, and hypocritical in a lot of ways. I liked it tho, go see it at...

By septrain

By the_other_guy

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, disturbing images, intense sequences of action, sexuality and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Violent action movie is all about killing and revenge.
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