A funny film

By Moviefanz44
Written March 06, 2008
Hey a group of us were lucky enough to go last night to see an advance screening of the movie. Overall it was a really good movie that was a lot of fun. The little boy and his pig were really cute. The little boy kind of reminded me of Will Smith’s son in Pursuit of Happyness. And The scene at Northwestern University and the one at the sorority house in Pittsburgh were probably the funniest in the movie. I definitely suggest this movie.
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College Road Trip

By conradwsba1
Written September 02, 2008
I thought this movie was pretty funny. I enjoyed this movie.
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Cute Movie

By Kim B
Written April 16, 2008
I took my daughter, age 9, and 6 of her friends to see this movie. They all loved it! I really enjoyed it, too. It was a funny, sweet and really cute movie. There was something for both the adults and the children in this movie. A movie you can take your children to and not have to worry about what they may hear or see. If you have children between the ages of 8-13 you should take them to see it. I don't usually buy movies, once they come out on DVD, unless I know my children will watch it more than a couple of times before they lose interest. This movie I will definitely buy.
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By riceregine
Written March 16, 2008
as you can see i didnt put a smiley face or a frown. this movie was just in the middle for me. it made me laugh but i dont think this movie is a must seei in theaters. im pretty sure you could wait. but the positive things are, if you liked the show thats so raven then you will enjoy the humor in this movie because they are relative. other than that, i would recommend that you wait to rent this movie.
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By nerdboyrockstar
Written March 08, 2008
We saw this tonight and thought it was hilarious. It had more laughs in the first 15 minutes than Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins had its whole running time. Martin Lawrence and Raven made a great father-daughter pair and the movie had a lot of heart. I thought the movie would be too unbelievably wholesome to be rated G but it was perfect. Enough for the adults to laugh at and the kids as well. (They obviously loved the pig..) Great family comedy. We'd see it again.
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