“COLLEGE” -- The National Product Is Especially GROSS (but Entertaining)

By jimchudnow
Written August 29, 2008
“Superbad” had a trio of friends who get into sex- & alcohol-related troubles, & this film seems to be an attempt to capture that same general idea: sensible-thinking Kevin (DRAKE BELL), his wild pal Carter (ANDREW CALDWELL) & nerdy friend Morris (KEVIN COVAIS) are three high school seniors who scout out a possible college, & unwisely choose to stay at a Frat house run by some abusive & cruel low-lifes. There are some exceptionally gross & R-rated type escapades with girls, excrement, animals and booze (not necessarily in that order!). Comparing this to the classic “Animal House” is inaccurate: it has some very FUNNY “I can’t believe they did that!” incidents, but the over-the-top elements usually aren’t imbued with much real cleverness or spark. The main actors do a good job in their characters, the film’s enjoyable in parts, but it often tends to be excessive, repetitive & purposely designed to shock rather than be a quality-based endeavor. I’d rate it a sort of high “So So” film.
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Not Bad

By rmstevens
Written September 18, 2008
College is great to see if you want slap-slick humor ala superbad. Immature, but nonetheless funny.
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Can't wait for COLLEGE

By iamspecialed411
Written March 15, 2008
I am a huge fan of Drake Bell and I am so exicted to see this movie because it looks as it has a great cast and it looks hella funny. Im really looking forward to it!!!!!!! Yea :)
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This movie Rocks

By Jpizzle623
Written June 30, 2008
Caught a screening of the movie...laughed my ***off the whole moviwe!
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review on the movie college

By Laidlaw2
Written September 15, 2008
College was a laugh your ***off movie. We found it to be quite entertaining and we would recommend this movie to our friends who need a good laugh.
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