A slick and quiet chilling piece of work

By Rainbolt
Written July 24, 2009
The Collector is a slick and quiet chilling piece of work based around (what else?) A Collector, what does he collect? Well you will see when you watch this film from the guys who wrote FEAST, SAW 4, FEAST 2, SAW 5, FEAST 3, SAW 6, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. An ex-con named Arkin who targets his temporary employer’s home in order to help pay a debt, is unaware that a more sinister intruder has already entered the home and has no intentions of anyone leaving the home alive, who has booby trapped the home with some pretty heinous, elaborate and painful to watch pitfalls that will make you squirm in your seat as it did me. The Director is asking you to use all of your senses and not just your eyes to immerse yourself in the horrors that unfold as Arkin unknowingly begins the fight to keep himself alive. Rainbolt
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By caflick
Written July 17, 2009
Simply put the scariest horror film of the past 5 years. Great premise and great scares. You will love the story but mostly you will look through your fingers becuase you won't know what's coming next. You will want to see it more than once. Awesome!!!
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By tuffydog55
Written July 29, 2009
As much as I love the horror genre, I have not vouched for a movie in quite some time… until now. The Collector had me scared as hell! It was seriously intense without the gimmicky stuff we’ve all grown accustomed to. The characters are well acted and the script is great. It was a beautiful mix of blood and suspense. Don’t bring the kids… they will never sleep again!
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People like jelloman143 are WRONG

By Mrtrent
Written August 13, 2009
This was a fantastic film! Yes, it didn't have any pop-ups! It didn't use recycled and pointless scares with a quick pop up with loud music that so many bad horror films over use. This movie uses real suspense and gives a great sense of anxiety that creates a real sense of terror in your bones. And sure, it wasn't a movie that took place in several locations, with several victims, like so many other slasher and torture movies do such as...Nightmare on elm street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Red Dragon, Hanibal, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ect. That is why this film is great. It shows ever detail about one specific night in the Collectors world. Every gory detail. That makes room for sequels, which I am looking forward to. If you want cheap scares like from " my bloody valentine" and want to listen to jelloman143, then go ahead But if you want to feel genuine terror, feel sheer fright, have a sense of dread, and see absolute horror, watch this.
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A Not So Great Imitation

By magentafan20
Written August 06, 2009
I am an avid horror movie watcher and I was excited to see The Collector, but I was a bit disappointed with this film. I really wanted it to be creepy and scary with just the right amount of gore injected in, (aka Saw, a great balance between a plot, gore, jumps, and irony) but there is next to no plot line and zero character development. I really wanted to know more about the killer and his motivation about why he kills and why he chooses the families that he does, but none of that is revealed. To me, this film reads too much like a bad imitation of Hostel with a killer too close to that of Jigsaw (Saw), but not nearly as intelligent. I do have to say that the music was excellent and actually created quite a bit of tension throughout the beginning bits of the traps. The end credits were great showing each character alive and then dead. Also the cinematography was very inspired with my favorite shots being the overhead ones showing the characters going in and out of rooms
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