Written January 16, 2017
This is why I don't look at critics reviews! This was an awesome movie! We need to stop giving critics any due. Everyone is an individual and a critic doesn't know your every like or dislike. I got to see Collateral Beauty at a pre-release showing a couple weeks ago. This is Academy Award material!
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Clever, sad and touching.

By sewmachine
Written January 12, 2017
My wife and I saw this last night and both of us enjoyed it. It is clever, sad and touching. Great cast and a great story.
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Forget the critics

By s2sDorros
Written January 17, 2017
A must movie for the holidays
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Dont listen to critics!!

By janicedias74
Written January 17, 2017
What is the matter with people?!! Critics have no idea nowadays what he human heart wants and that is love and hope..beautiful written movie that touches the heart and with a unexpected twist at the end...go watch it!!
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By sdorros
Written January 15, 2017
Beautiful experience, the critics are out of touch!!
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