Written November 08, 2009
Remarkable documentary built upon the interview of Michael Ruppert, well known for his critical thinking and his terribly accurate insights in the past (among the first to denounce CIA’s connection with drug smuggling and the case he built on 9/11 in his book “Crossing the rubicon”). The core of the matter here is about Peak oil and its implications on the world economy built on the myth of infinite growth. He dares say and explain: Infinite growth cannot exist in a finite world. A strong affirmation to be taken into serious account if we want to understand the economic mess around and to anticipate a smooth exit. His direct style goes against media/corporations/government nauseous propaganda… Thank you Michael Ruppert for your courage and the sharpness of your vision.
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MUST SEE: Very important topics covered here.

By wricho
Written November 08, 2009
This is definitely a must see. This movie covers a lot of important global and national topics and more importantly puts them into context and links them together. Summarily, as Ruppert says toward the end, "Money is the root of all evil." That seems to be the one thing the links geopolitics, natural resources, financial markets, and large governments. To those who say Ruppert is apocalyptic or pessimistic seem to be missing the message. He makes it clear as the movie progresses that there are indeed solutions. In general, the main idea seems to be to live in close-knit communities that can sustain themselves. I found Ruppert to actually be more optimistic than I expected, in addition he seemed as genuine as could be when he breaks down at the end saying, "we've been waiting for so long for someone to just listen to us." Ruppert seems to be the most patriotic type of American. At one point he reminds us that inside of him still is the 27-year old LAPD cop looking for justice.
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An Eye Opening Horror Film

By Losthighway94
Written November 17, 2009
This film is one interview with a former police officer who is making predictions on the future of the world. He is not talking about aliens, or 2012, he is taking real things that really happend, such as the economy crash, and telling the future by peicing together things in the past. Oil, Money, Water and Food are only some of the possiblities of the ways the human race could become extinct, and this movie gives all the details. The movie was so intense that i was thinking about leaving at one point, but the movie was so intresting that i couldnt move from my seat. When the movie was over, i was glued to my seat for five minutes, and upon leaving, kept telling myself what a great movie that was. This is one of the best doumentaries i have seen in a while, and you must go see this film.
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Unsubstantiated ramblings

By joeb2001
Written November 08, 2009
This will certainly preach to his choir of those who have built their chain of logic describing their life philosophy in a similarly haphazard manner, however as somebody with a scientific background I object to the presentation of conclusions without a full examination of the underlying framework.
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Five Word Review

By levity
Written November 09, 2009
Live on oil; die without?
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