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Former police officer Michael Ruppert predicts the end of civilization as we know it.
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Remarkable documentary built upon the interview of Michael Ruppert, well known for his critical thinking and his terribly accurate insights in the past (among the first to denounce CIA’s connection...

MUST SEE: Very important topics covered here.

By wricho
This is definitely a must see. This movie covers a lot of important global and national topics and more importantly puts them into context and links them together. Summarily, as Ruppert says toward...

An Eye Opening Horror Film

By Losthighway94
This film is one interview with a former police officer who is making predictions on the future of the world. He is not talking about aliens, or 2012, he is taking real things that really happend,...

Unsubstantiated ramblings

By joeb2001
This will certainly preach to his choir of those who have built their chain of logic describing their life philosophy in a similarly haphazard manner, however as somebody with a scientific background...

Five Word Review

By levity
Live on oil; die without?...

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