By jtaini
Written July 22, 2012
Funny, smart and also some very tense moments. A great look at why you can't go home. A thoughtful tender look at what is truly important in life. Two great performances by Donovan and Morse and wonderful top notch supporting cast. See it in a theatre THIS WEEK while you can.
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Magnificent acting

By tashikitten
Written July 21, 2012
Martin Donovan has crafted a solid, intimate story. I have no desire to spoil anything, so I'll just focus on the acting, which is magnificent. Donovan has given the showier role to David Morse, who definitely has some showy moments, but also manages to find the tenderness, the childlike innocence, and the pain in his character, where, in the hands of a less capable actor, it could have been a very one-note performance. Donovan has a more subtle role, but is at his understated best here, where the smallest gesture means so much. The supporting cast is great, too, but the film belongs to Morse and Donovan, who play off each other beautifully. I adore Donovan's work and try to see everything he does, and it was great to see the first film he wrote and directed. I look forward to seeing what else he does as a writer and director, and hope he remains in front of the camera as well.
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