Cole Hauser
Date of Birth
Mar 22, 1975
Birth Place:
Santa Barbara, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Esai Morales Jarhead 2: Field of Fire
2014 Stephen Lang Jarhead 2: Field of Fire
2014 Cillian Murphy Transcendence
2014 Paul Bettany Transcendence
2014 Johnny Depp Transcendence
2014 Lukas Haas Transcendence
2014 Morgan Freeman Transcendence
2013 Bruce Willis A Good Day to Die Hard
2013 Melissa Leo Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Angela Bassett Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Ashley Judd Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Robert Forster Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Morgan Freeman Olympus Has Fallen
2013 Aaron Eckhart Olympus Has Fallen
2012 Christian Slater Assassins Run
2011 Cuba Gooding, Jr. The Hit List
2009 Barry Pepper Like Dandelion Dust
2009 Mira Sorvino Like Dandelion Dust
2008 James Cromwell Tortured
2008 Jon Cryer Tortured
2008 Laurence Fishburne Tortured
2008 Kevin Pollak Tortured
2008 Alfre Woodard Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys
2008 Kathy Bates Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys
2007 Wings Hauser The Stone Angel
2007 Dylan Baker The Stone Angel
2007 Ellen Burstyn The Stone Angel
2006 Judy Davis The Break-Up
2006 Vince Vaughn The Break-Up
2006 John Michael Higgins The Break-Up
2006 Jon Favreau The Break-Up
2006 Vincent D'Onofrio The Break-Up
2006 Ann-Margret The Break-Up
2006 Jennifer Aniston The Break-Up
2006 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Dirty
2006 Keith David Dirty
2004 Tom Sizemore Paparazzi
2004 Dennis Farina Paparazzi
2003 Eva Mendes 2 Fast 2 Furious
2003 Monica Bellucci Tears of the Sun
2003 Tom Skerritt Tears of the Sun
2003 Bruce Willis Tears of the Sun
2002 Terrence Howard Hart's War
2002 Bruce Willis Hart's War
2002 Linus Roache Hart's War
2002 Colin Farrell Hart's War
2002 Billy Connolly White Oleander
2002 Michelle Pfeiffer White Oleander
2002 Renée Zellweger White Oleander
2002 Patrick Fugit White Oleander
2002 Robin Wright Penn White Oleander
2002 Stephen Root White Oleander
2000 Vin Diesel Pitch Black
2000 Keith David Pitch Black
2000 Robert Duvall A Shot at Glory
2000 Brian Cox A Shot at Glory
2000 Michael Keaton A Shot at Glory
2000 Colin Farrell Tigerland
1998 Patricia Arquette The Hi-Lo Country
1998 Sam Elliott The Hi-Lo Country
1998 Woody Harrelson The Hi-Lo Country
1998 Billy Crudup The Hi-Lo Country
1998 Penélope Cruz The Hi-Lo Country
1998 Giovanni Ribisi Scotch and Milk
1997 Stellan Skarsgård Good Will Hunting
1997 George Plimpton Good Will Hunting
1997 Minnie Driver Good Will Hunting
1997 Ben Affleck Good Will Hunting
1997 Matt Damon Good Will Hunting
1997 Robin Williams Good Will Hunting
1995 Jennifer Connelly Higher Learning
1995 Laurence Fishburne Higher Learning
1995 Omar Epps Higher Learning
1995 Ice Cube Higher Learning
1995 Michael Rapaport Higher Learning
1995 Gwyneth Paltrow Higher Learning
1995 Regina King Higher Learning
1993 Parker Posey Dazed and Confused
1993 Matthew McConaughey Dazed and Confused
1993 Michelle Burke Dazed and Confused
1993 Ben Affleck Dazed and Confused
1992 Ed Lauter School Ties
1992 Zeljko Ivanek School Ties
1992 Kevin Tighe School Ties
1992 Chris O'Donnell School Ties
1992 Matt Damon School Ties
1992 Ben Affleck School Ties
1992 Brendan Fraser School Ties
1992 Peter Donat School Ties
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