Cold War 2 Synopsis
In this sequel to the 2012 Hong Kong megahit, rival police chiefs battle it out both on the streets and at the station, kicked off by a psychotic killer’s desperate escape attempt.
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Movie Reviews

Disappointed - not in Cantonese

By ngo926
The film is set in Hong Kong, where Cantonese is spoken. It was also originally filmed with that language. However the screening turned out to be in Mandarin with all actors voiced over. This is...

Much better than Cold War I

By diaryyuki
CW II focuses much more on developing interesting/intense plot and not as much blood shed as CW I, which was all about gun battles and bloody dead bodies. I enjoyed this movie much more than the...

Great experience

By yinfeiru
I watched this movie with a girl I love. So, I'd give it a 5-start regardless. :)...

Amazing movie!

By Remy Martin 123
Sophisticated plot and acting. Great direction....


By troywilt1
You If noticed tojhjuuthnhm...

Pretty good movie but a bit exaggerated

By heiplus
We watched it at AMC Cuptertino. Beware that It is in Mandarin, while we expected it to be in Cantonese....


By danny2813
A bit disappointed in the movie is the dialog was in Mandarin instead of Cantonese (Hong Kong speak Cantonese ) story was okay not as good as the first one . The feeling like will you watching Star...

Great start but poor ending.

By austinw883
I felt the ending was rushed with some loose ends left to the viewers imagination. Like others are saying, this movie is about HongKong...leave the dialogue in Cantonese....

Pretty good, suspenseful, edge of seat?

By goldlizsts
It was surprisingly good, intense, tho the plot is of course cop corruption, internal power struggle..... The acting was pretty good, tho I felt the flow was a little sluggish. But, it was OK....