Cod Souls

By Nissenson
Written September 07, 2009
Odd. Very engaging and extremely well-acted.
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Cold Souls

By mreiley
Written August 10, 2009
Paul Giamatti is wonderful and I'd watch him read the phone book. Interesting premise and kudos for making this independent movie at all. Just wish it'd have been paced a bit faster.
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'COLD SOULS' – Is it more helpful to lose YOUR soul, or to use someone ELSE’S? = Rating: 6 of 10 stars (based on an advance preview).

By jimchudnow
Written August 04, 2009
This Sundance-backed project started out with some unusual & interesting premises: PAUL GIAMATTI plays himself, an actor who feels he could better deal with roles if he LOST his “soul”. He thus goes to a Soul “STORAGE” company using a machine to REMOVE his soul & place the results into a jar. He claims he feels better without it, tho his wife is confused. The rich Russian guy running a similar Storage company there sends an agent (DINA KORZUN) to STEAL Paul’s jar because his actress wife wants the soul of an American actor (& her husband leads her to think she’s getting one from a more FAMOUS actor). Paul decides he wants his soul BACK, & joins up with the agent to try to achieve that in “chilly” fashion. There are some clever and FUNNY ideas & lines in the beginning of the film. But, as it goes on, it often becomes LESS smart, starts to drag, & uses a device frequently seen in some European films: its very end simply “DISINTEGRATES”, as if they either ran out of money and / or ideas.
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Existential Error

By geishaslave
Written September 01, 2009
In _COLD SOULS_ Paul Giamatti plays Paul Giamatti, an aging, angst-loaded actor preparing for an upcoming stage performance. After reading an article about the benefits of soul storage in "The New Yoker" magazine, Giamatti has his soul extracted and placed into cold storage. What follows is a somber tale of self realization as Giamatti comes to miss his soul and then decides to have it reimplanted. Unfortunately, Russian soul traffickers have illegally appropriated Giamatti's essence. In the ensuing quest to retrieve his soul, Giamatti learns that the soul is an important element of self and it's inherent value to just being, well, Paul Giamatti.
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Cold Souls

By Greek Thespian
Written October 03, 2009
This movie is not about winter shoes. It is so enjoyable to watch a person who has a troubled soul see that that it is really a chick pea. It really made me laugh. Paul Giamatti has done it again leaving himself open to experience life again. The soul he receives is a Russian poet who he sees as beautiful. After a few weeks with his new soul he decides that he wants his soul back. After finding out that it has been misplaced, possibly in New Jersey, he wants to learn more about this poets soul he has rented. This leads him to meet the woman, a mule, who transported it from Russia. This mule is slowly feeling the effects, residual as they say, of transporting so many souls to America. This movie is funny, reflective and touching. Forget about the economy and see this film. Enjoy!
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