Code Name: The Cleaner Synopsis
An amnesiac janitor (Cedric the Entertainer) believes he is a secret agent.
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By Jesse Tunison
I saw the World Premiere *****(5 STARS) Worth Seeing...

made me laugh

By moviesRus22
Some very very funny parts -- due to Cedric and the fast-talking rappin janitor. The story was nothing to write home about -- ho hum; but the little dutch chocolate boy dance scene is worth the price...

Code Name: The Cleaner

By smileygal
Wanted to see a comedy and hoped this would be entertaining. Big disappointment, very slow and hardly funny at all. No real story line, Cedric the Entertainer is usually funny, not this time...

Some of the best parts are in the Previews to the movie

By MovieManMike
All in All not a bad movie most of the film was very predictable. Also I think a short movie I think it only lasted for about 1 hr 15 minutes although I don't know if I would want it any longer....

code name the cleaner

By suz 33
action adventure yes,comedy noooo,takes more than one funny person to make a funny movie,i have seen almost everything cedric the entertainer has acted in and this was the most dissappointing,oh i...

The Cleaner needs more soap...

By BigPimpin'
If you're looking for some simple, clean comedy then this is okay to see. I'd look for matinee prices - not a full price movie. I am a big Cedric fan (as well as Lucy Liu), but this was not one of...


By Evelyn
Funny movie, but unfortunately they showed the funniest lines in the commercials and in the previews....

Passing Time

By supert461
The movie was a go, if you have nothing to do and you like the cast. Otherwise, go see Primeval!!...

It was okay!?!

By mcda_aus
The movie is nothing that I would have suspected, but it was very thrilling. If there is another movie you would rather see I would suggest you see that one!!...

Boring, Trashy, Awlful

By So Sunny
We were going to see the Good Shepherd which was sold out and this was the next movie. The sign looked funny, but we didn't even laugh once. Such a boring, contrived, and slow movie that we left...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual content, crude humor and some violence
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Common Sense Media says Amnesia action-comedy might hurt your brain, too.
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