Cedric the laimer

By chemicalFactory
Written January 12, 2007
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Interesting Ideas

By fanmovie
Written January 15, 2007
When the curtain opened on the Dutch dancers with Cedric in the front, I thougt " that was a good idea". I've seen other movies use the same type of idea but this scene took the cake. The movie slowed down at times but there were enough changing scenes to keep me interested and it was'nt to much sex or violence to turn me off.
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Code Name: The Cleaner

By Intelligent_Viewer
Written January 06, 2007
I wanted my money back. I wanted my time back. The film had only minor snickers. The plot twists were predictable, worn out and not twisted. What were supposed to be "the funny parts" were hackneyed and not funny. This film is offensive to Black people, White people and Asian people simply because some of each group appear in it. In one scene in a motel with Lucy Liu she goes into the bathroom to change clothes. (Into what, who knows; they had fled in 3 seconds.) For a fleeting moment, as Jake glances sideways, you think we might be about to see Lucy Liu in her underwear. We never did, but it was the only moment of interest and suspense in the movie. There was another woman who cavorted in her underwear forever, but she was wayyyy ugly. This movie could have been worse. (Anyone who saw it is asking, HOW COULD THAT BE?" It could have been longer. The only good part of this movie was the preview for "Norbit."
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not his best work

By jesusc71
Written January 12, 2007
ok movie,
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Code Name Cleaner

By I_Likegoodmovies
Written January 08, 2007
I like Cedric...funny guy. Lucy Lu and Nicolette Sheeridan were hot!!! The movie had some really funny parts. It's a real uplifter. Go see it!
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