Coco and the Nazis

By flemingrut
Written November 02, 2009
In order for filmgoers to have the full picture, I recommend that they go online to learn about Mme. Chanel's collaboration with the Nazis during the war.
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Coco, So-So

By skoslow
Written October 26, 2009
After all the hype, I was disappoited, finding"Coco Before Chanel" beautiful, but excruciatingly slow and devoit of plot. I thought she'd never leave the chateau...and one reference to the virtues of going sans corset was enugh, we didn't need six or seven. I would have liked more time devoted to Cco's early years in Paris.
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Coco Just So-So

By vizwords
Written October 26, 2009
Generally well done. I thought it would be great based on reviews and previews, but there was not enough time given to what made Coco the way she was. Sure, she was an orphan - so was her sister and she didn't want to fly in the face of conformity. And there was a hugh jump at the end from - noone will ever go for this stype fo style - to CoCo is a a smash success. Don't get me wrong - this movie could have been a lot worse. If you like this typr of movie, it will be much more anjoyable than a trip to Couples Retreat, but it has a few holes.
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Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel)

By lafab714
Written October 11, 2009
Well-acted, beautifully photographed, scenic. The movie pace was steady until the last 15 minutes of the movie when the storyline fast-forwarded to the start of her couture house. All those years in between were more interesting chapters in her life. Understandably, the movie can't cover that time period, but the ending should have shown her moving forward after the accident. Too jarring and confusing an ending for the pace of the movie. Still worth seeing.
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Coco Berries

By piktures
Written November 02, 2009
Great film about the rise of Coco Chanel. Audrey Tatou was great as Coco. She is an understated actress and can play a subtle and complicated character. Coco is a much better role for her than Amelie - where I don't remember her saying a word the entire film. She must have gotten a facial tic from holding that sweet smile and doe eyed look the entire shoot. Coco Chanel has to choose her words carefully because she works her way up from nothing. But you can always tell she has intelligence from the incisiveness of those words. The costumes and art direction are great - I especially enjoyed seeing the contrast of Coco's loose and elegant style with the corseted merengues. Interesting that we are back to those corsets now.
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