By RobWill
Written January 19, 2008
A strange and interesting movie on several fronts. Special effects get top honors here. The actors do a good job with a poor plot and absurd dialogue. The viewing experience was unpleasant due to overly LOUD audio play back. The herky-jerky filming style could make some people nauseous. The giant threat in this movie was very interesting but the little threats didn't seem to fit in. The scenes were very graphic and realistic. My biggest problem with the film was that the lead character (a 20 something business vice-president?) displayed absolutely no intelligence whatsoever. The other members of the tag along group apparently have IQ's of 100; they sure know how to party and suck-up to the youtube crowd though. Science fiction afficianado's will recognize two things: themes and images taken from other flicks (Godzilla, Starship Troopers, Blair Witch, etc.) and unrealistic ways for getting into danger. Go see the film as it will be a reference point for future films.
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Cloverfield ROCKS!

By lauracmar
Written January 25, 2008
I thought this movie was so INCREDIBLE. I went with another couple who hated it, but they loved STEP UP. I think people will be split on this'll either LOVE it or hate it. It is so intelligent. The cinematography takes some getting used to, but once the action starts, it makes total sense and makes you feel like this really happened and you're witnessing the events. I will be buying this movie and may even see it in the theater again. And I NEVER see a movie in theaters more than once. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. One tip though: stay through the credits. I didn't and found out later that I should have.
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By Loay
Written January 25, 2008
Unsympathetic self absorbed characters using a camera with the worst auto focus in history leads to a manipulative boring result. To paraphrase the muppets, I have seen detergent that leaves a better film than this
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By g-movie
Written January 18, 2008
This film will remind you a little bit of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, in which events are being recorded by camcorder as it is happening. Much like BLAIR WITCH, you are only a witness to what is considered to be "historical footage". The story is about five people who are trying to evacuate Manhattan after an initial attack that is reminiscent of 9/11. In fact, the first minutes after the attack will give you a possible uneasiness beacuse of the simialrity of panic and sense of total chaos. As time progress, the film maintains a breakneck pace as these people, all of these actors are virtual unknowns but carry the emotions, and terror really well, try to escape with their lives. The digital FX are astounding in the few scenes that show the reason for the calamity on Manhattan (Yes, I am purposely not describing the "thing" so you can see it for yourself). Keep in mind that like BLAIR, there is no hollywood "ending", and there are more questions than answers, but it is well made movie.
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By ojeanyc
Written December 31, 2007
Please watch a movie first and then write the review. reviews are not about expectations, they are about what your experience was like after watching it.
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