Blair witch / alien

By falkenzr
Written January 18, 2008
Well, the commercial gave us nothing, because the movie had nothing to give. Simulated Amateur Cam-cording through the WHOLE movie, which at times could have been nauseating. You see this alien 5 x's give or take which was nothing new, a sort of, godzilla sized, violator(spawn movie).... with babies...HO-hum.
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As Advertised...

Written January 18, 2008
Watching trailers and TV spots for this film told you everything you needed to know. It's a "recovered tape" of an eye witness account of a big-***monster tearing apart New York. If you want to see that, go see the movie! If you don't, stay home. It's that simple. There's no deep plot-line, or hold-your-hand ending, it's just what happens to a couple of kids in a really bad situation. I went to see it just for the effects, but I was very happy with what I saw as a whole. But the greatest part was the sound design. Everything from the smallest detail, to the largest building or bridge collapse was covered brilliantly. It felt like you were seeing and hearing reality. Every part of this was superbly executed, all the way down to the advertising. If you get motion-sickness, it's probably not your cup of tea, otherwise, it's awesome... It's really awesome.
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They should pay you to watch this film

By Mr Tommy
Written January 18, 2008
I have seen many many films in my 61 years... some good; some excellant, and some very bad. To say the least, this film was VERY bad. It was like watching a home movie with NO plot or story line. Whoever wrote this script, must have paid his little brother/sister to come up with this script. I think after watching this 90 min. of a homemovie... I would rather watch an "Adult Film" which is done better. If I were the director and cameraman... I would change my name. Wait for it to come out on DVD and than think twice of renting it. Whatever happened to a good sciencefiction flick with a good Beginning, Middle, and end. Finally, I know the writers are out on strike, but did I miss something.... are the producers and directors out on strike too?
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By RAV270
Written January 25, 2008
Clovefield is one of those movies that you should watch at least once in your life. It stands out from your typical monster movie in its own special ways. First and most noticable, is the point of view; it doesn't ever feel like your watching a movie, but rather living the movie with the main characters. It's completely shot from a hand camera which gives it a very realistic feeling. To some, it may be a little dizzying, because the camera moves so frantic, so be prepared for some fast paced screen movements. Another thing that I enjoyed about the movie is the sound. You can almost always hear either gunfire, helicopters, or the monster roaring, making it feel like if you're out on the streets too! Finally the idea of the story isn't too much out of the ordinary, giant monster attacks town, military fights it, and people struggle to survive it. The acting is so-so, I can't say I've seen any of the actors before, but dont let that stop you from seeing this movie!
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By RobWill
Written January 19, 2008
A strange and interesting movie on several fronts. Special effects get top honors here. The actors do a good job with a poor plot and absurd dialogue. The viewing experience was unpleasant due to overly LOUD audio play back. The herky-jerky filming style could make some people nauseous. The giant threat in this movie was very interesting but the little threats didn't seem to fit in. The scenes were very graphic and realistic. My biggest problem with the film was that the lead character (a 20 something business vice-president?) displayed absolutely no intelligence whatsoever. The other members of the tag along group apparently have IQ's of 100; they sure know how to party and suck-up to the youtube crowd though. Science fiction afficianado's will recognize two things: themes and images taken from other flicks (Godzilla, Starship Troopers, Blair Witch, etc.) and unrealistic ways for getting into danger. Go see the film as it will be a reference point for future films.
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