Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

By aubreo025
Written September 30, 2009
Great movie! We took our daughter to go see it who is 4 and she loved it! We actually were laughing at quite a few of the parts ourselves!!
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What a waste of time!!

By Malhalla
Written September 09, 2009
I don't get why movie makers waste good 3-D effects on something as stupid as a story about flying food.. I couldn't imagine anyone with an IQ of 2 or better could get any enjoyment out of this. Even trying to picture myself as a kid again I still couldn't imagine wanting to sit through this heap.. When will they start implementing the 3-D technology for good movies instead of this brainless crap? I'm tired of all these kiddie movies getting the 3-D treatment instead of something like District 9 or imagine a "Lord of the Rings" in3-D. Now that would be worth the price of admission.. I usually hate it when people rate a movie befoe it even comes out but I couldn't help it on this one.. It looks so utterly stupid that I just had to say something for those of us with a little intelligence that are sick of these brainless wanna be kiddie flicks.. Make a 3-D blockbuster for a change..
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Clever and Funny for Adults and Kids Alike!

By AnastasiaG
Written September 26, 2009
As this is one of our most favorite children's picture books of all time, I was really hoping they wouldn't wreck the spirit of the book. I have fond memories of my kids playing "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" at home. This involved plastic food landing on the roof of a little toy house we have. Well, I was not disappointed in the movie. The original spirit of the beloved book was preserved and the animation had the feel of the illustrations. My daughter said the policeman was in the book. I had not remembered this. Of course, the plot was embellished and elaborated upon to make it into an action-packed flick, but it worked for us. The "Jell-O" scene seemed to come right out of the pages of the book for me. My kids gave it two thumbs up. When they wake up this morning, they will be talking about it nonstop. And they are already thinking about the sequel, "Pickles to Pittsburgh". Bring some wet wipes along and go see this movie with your family!
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Seriously disappointed! Don't take little ones!

By nmercado
Written October 24, 2009
I read reviews from parents and others that have gone and said it was a great "family movie with just good clean humor." I was cringing throughout the whole movie wondering what was going to be next. It was a lot of intimidation, trauma, violence. People running from dangerous food. A mean, intimidating police officer, a mean Mayor, ridiculous chickens dancing around that were already roasted with their heads cut off beating people up. Based on thers' reviews, i was hoping it would be a great movie, but it was REALLY disappointing. I am still mad about it. I guess my best bet is to stick with disney movies. Why does everything have to include violence?
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

By zidafernandez
Written November 07, 2009
I would most definitely say any parent who loves animation and the idea of having great family time should see this. My self I laughed so much as this movie, the characters were so funny. The kids, loved it a lot, I think their favorite part was when the food started to fall out of the sky. I had taken my niece who is 5, and nephew who is 9, they both loved it. I've never heard so many kids laugh so hard in a theater, and parents along with their children. The graphics were great, this is just a great movie for the entire family to go see. My personal opinion is you have to be a parent who enjoys great animation, and have the understanding of graphic arts. If not then you have to be a judge for your own self. I would give this movie the rating it needs; 5 STARS!
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