Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3-D Synopsis
A scientist tries to solve world hunger only to see things go awry.

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FUN KIDS' MOVIE - NO MORE AND NO LESS PALATABLE. Grade: C-Average. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Saturday 9/12. SILLY MANIACALLY CHARMING CUTE FUN! And THAT is the best way for me to describe this 81 min animated movie. Overall plot is so-so, Production values =...

Cloudy With A Chance of Awesome!

By sandecb0
I am a college student and my boyfriend and I decided to go see this movie in 3D, we were definately not the only 20-some folks in the crowd and everyone was laughing the whole time. The movie is...

Fun for families

By mqulemom
It's a cute, albeit far fetched plot with AMAZING animation....


By dasf88
this movies is awasome!!! i laughed a lot and i cried too.. you def. must see it... you would love science and meat, plus the innocent relationship between father and son when a mother is missing.......

A Bit Cheesy, A Bit Corny But Extra Sides Of Laughs..... Loved It!

By angeljr318
I really enjoyed this movie. I didn't know exactly what to expect since I have never read the book from which this movie is based on. (my kids knew the story). But I was pleasantly surprised. The...

cloudy witha chance of meatballs

By eariaspa
Entertaining, silly, good for the kids, love the 3D...

Good Movie!

By Lmhodge
Good movie for the kids and the parents. My kids and I laughed all through the movie!!...

Quirky fun!

By shutter00
One of the most silly and often times just plain weird (in the most entertaining of ways) animated films I've seen in quite a while. My 4-year-old daughter loved it, and I enjoyed some of the...

The best surprise of the summer!

By arethusaray
My friend and I (both in our mid 20s) decided to see this movie because the preview looked amusing and we both loved the book as children. We went in not expecting too much, thinking that there was...

Worth every Penny!

By jscheetz3
This movie was Great! My whole family went to see this in 3D and I have to say I was a wonderful story and extremely funny. Not just kiddie funny, but full funny for adults as well, so much so that...

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Rated PG | For brief mild language
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