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By duke92
Written July 28, 2016
The movie is delightful and amusing for children and adults. The food-imals are so creative, and the messages about friends and bullies are inspiring. Be sure to watch the credits. They are exceptionally creative, but also tell much of the what-happens-after.
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Better than expected!

By sashasmom1
Written August 30, 2016
Okay, so my daughter (7) wanted to see this movie yesterday and I was not quite as enthused as her. Well, long story short, I liked it much better than the first one. It was highly creative with wonderful food-animals and a nice story-line that emphasized friendship over success. I didn't think it was particularly funny but it was cute!
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loved it

By lisapolley19
Written February 26, 2017
Going to a kids movie is never my favorite thing but I have to say I truly enjoyed it. It was funny, colorful, creative and better than the first. My daughter (8) loved it and laughed the whole time. Definitely check it out. Story line took a bit to come together but there was enough to entertain while it did.
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Good Movie

By annemariebarnett
Written June 25, 2016
A good movie... not as good as the first, but pretty creative. We definitely laughed out loud a couple times, and my 8 year old loved it! I would recommend a matinee or wait for it on Red box.
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Great character and production design

By realityCheckGal
Written October 24, 2013
The creativity of the food characters and sets makes up for a fairly weak story line. My kids really liked it, but not something that was terribly memorable for them.
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