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Fun flick, especially for kids

By LaurenB838
Written August 29, 2015
"Cloudy 2" isn't as fresh a concept as the original, nor could it be. Having already been introduced to giant, living food and the panoply of characters, moviegoers won't find many surprises in this sequel. Still, this film is a charming, colorful romp through an imaginative world very much like a vegetarian Jurassic Park. Not great cinema, perhaps, but it's a hoot. My 10-year-old daughter especially enjoyed it. Couldn't call it a must-see, but it's well worth the price of a ticket and some popcorn if you're up for light-hearted family fun.
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Not worth the theater costs

By FranknBeans
Written October 07, 2015
We were super excited about this movie, especially since the original was one of our family's favorites. Boy were we disappointed. There really wasn't a lot of fun to the movie. All of the food puns were done in a quick maybe 30 second duration. And as the characters explored the island, they really didn't interact or react to the food at all beyond that first time. Visually it was stunning but plot and humor are just not there. Don't waste your money at the theatre on this one.
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If you like Spongebob...

By okfoz
Written June 01, 2016
It was an odd movie to say the least, but my parents may have ruined it for me when they said it reminded them of Spongebob... well it kind of did, that low brow annoying humor... It was forgettable to say the least, as I almost forgot I went to the theater to watch it... In all honesty I enjoyed the first movie, but this one I would say pass on, and vowing to never watching a second time...
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Written May 06, 2016
Didn't expect a sequel but now that there is one, it's only fair to check it out and see what's they've done. I liked the family aspect of the movie and the marshmallows were my favorite.
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just ok

By maureenlobdell
Written July 31, 2016
My children were really looking forward to seeing this based on the previews and having seen the first movie. A 9 year old with us said the beginning was boring and it "just wasn't very good". Parts of the movie were funny, some unnecessarily crude, and a few likeable moments. Would recommend waiting for DVD.
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