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just ok

By maureenlobdell
Written September 04, 2015
My children were really looking forward to seeing this based on the previews and having seen the first movie. A 9 year old with us said the beginning was boring and it "just wasn't very good". Parts of the movie were funny, some unnecessarily crude, and a few likeable moments. Would recommend waiting for DVD.
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If you like Spongebob...

By okfoz
Written February 10, 2016
It was an odd movie to say the least, but my parents may have ruined it for me when they said it reminded them of Spongebob... well it kind of did, that low brow annoying humor... It was forgettable to say the least, as I almost forgot I went to the theater to watch it... In all honesty I enjoyed the first movie, but this one I would say pass on, and vowing to never watching a second time...
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from 3 kids ages 8-10-11

By tuesdayshannon
Written October 25, 2013
This movie is hilarious. The cheese spider was crazy and a little evil, but not at the end. We loved watching the credits that ended up being little cartoons. Beware there is food animals and food fights.(10 year old) The inventor (sorry can not remember the name) has gone crazy with making inventions. The inventor made a party machine that I thought was really cool (8 year old).
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Fun And Engaging

By davidvcolorado
Written September 02, 2015
This movie kept the attention of the kids throughout the entire movie. It was entertaining, witty and clever. I am sure we will add it to our home movie collection when it comes out on Blue-ray.
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Better Than Expected

By scruffynerfhrdr
Written November 26, 2015
wasn't too keen when i first saw the trailer,but the movie is so much better than what the trailer would lead you to believe...great new characters and some funny moments that had the kids in attendance howling with laughter--highly recommended
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