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Good fun!

By susanmdowns
Written September 28, 2013
If you liked the first one, you'll love this one too. Wonderful and funny characters, fun "foodimals" and a great story about friendship. Some of the foodimals were scary but that added to the fun of the story. Great film for the family!
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Cloudy 2

By jowens6637
Written September 30, 2013
I love to take the granddaughters to the movies and watch their reactions as they movie plays out in front of their eyes. This movie was awesome. My 4 year old was in love from the moment it started and the 8 year old loved the 'puns'! The colors were beautiful and the story line had a lesson to be learned. Even the 4 year old came out saying she was glad the Ape got friends :)
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no pun intended

By ljash
Written September 29, 2013
outside of the jokes that are in the trailer there is not much to hold the imagination character wise. The little ones like Berry the strawberry.
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Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2

By ccorrales
Written September 28, 2013
Overall my family enjoyed the film and the returning characters but we found the villain to be be too dark and evil. I would not recommend this film for children under the age of eight.
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The trailers kept a surprise alive

By sjelynn
Written July 30, 2014
I absolutely adored this movie. Luckily the trailers never gave much of the central plot and conflict away. That was such a great relief since that's all I've seen for younger demographic movies for a while. Of course the ending was slightly predictable, in the "The good guy always wins because this is a cartoon movie for children way." Don't let that keep you from going. My favorite character would probably be Neil Patrick Harris' Steve once again, however the entire cast gave a great performance. You can tell from most of them that they really had fun recording, which just makes watching all the more enjoyable. I did go see it in 2D, so I cant give any advice on which was better, although I thought the movie did perfectly fine as a stand-alone 2D movie, the added affect wasn't a necessity for me to enjoy it. Overall, if you enjoyed the first one, go ahead and see 2. The same quirky way of being funny was evident here. This was definitely a sequel done right
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