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Soooo Boring!

By nlivings68
Written June 16, 2013
Too slow & boring for me to form any interest in any particular character or storyline. Skip this movie if you haven't seen it already.
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Not for me.

By whitladd
Written January 30, 2015
Long. Had fun figuring out who each character was. Very gruesome scenes. Fairly lost most of the movie. And still lost when it was done. Wait for the video.
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By Glaucus
Written April 01, 2015
I had no idea what I was walking into the first time I went to see Cloud Atlas in theaters. I became aware of the movie one day when I went to check what the Wachowski brothers were up to, and I saw this project, 'Cloud Atlas'. Like I said before, I had no idea what I was getting myself into the first time I saw it. I am writing this review the day after my second viewing. What is there to say? The scope of the film spans centuries, focusing on the lives of individuals in certain time periods that are some how connected without their knowing, where their actions effects the lives of those in the future without them even trying or knowing. You can say that it is a story of soul mates finding each other again and again throughout time, either glimpsing each other for moments, or spending their lives together. It's an amazing, gripping film of hope, sadness, and above all, humanity. I truly love this film, and plan on purchasing it when it is released.
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Terrific! Meaningful! Philosophical! A MUST SEE MOVIE.

By N.8.Tster
Written November 29, 2014
Despite what some people say about the film being flawed or corny- it is not. I believe this film will greatly echo with the ones that believe in the inter-connections of people and our actions and those with a philosophical mind-set. To me, I would compare Cloud Atlas to a bottle of expensive perfume in the way that; like the perfume that consists of many interesting and complex aromatic notes to make up a bottle of fine fragrance that compels us to smell and re-smell; so too, is Cloud Atlas consisted of interesting and beautiful layers of meanings, ideas, and stories that invites the viewer to watch and re-watch to better grasp its beauty and, at the same time, its complex yet simple story. Cloud Atlas pushes the boundaries of your typical formulaic Hollywood films and provides Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Comedy-what have you, into one movie and it does so very well. I'm above satisfactory with this film and I hope you, too, will find it incredible.
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I enjoyed it even more than I expected

By shanniemac
Written December 28, 2014
To be honest, I was a little put-off by some of the comments made by critics. But wow!!! What an experience! I'm glad I went. Visually stunning to watch and engrossing - the three hours went by quickly.
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