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must see again

By roxgirl66
Written November 05, 2012
Good movie. I'll admitt i was confused at 1st but as i watched i caught on to what was actually going on.thats what i noticed alot of the bad reviews were about. I'm into the past live thing. I truely believe. I thinkTom Hanks played a very good part as did Halley Barry. Also it is a movie i need to buy on dvd when it comes out and watch it alone so i can see what i missed in the r theatre and understand fully. As I'm sure alot of ppl might feel the same. I say go if you like this kind of thingbut go with someonethat doesnt talk during movies sou can pay attention. I never once was bored or tookmy eyes off u e screenm it was great i was totally into it.
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Cloud Atlas -- worth watching

By campomizzi
Written November 05, 2012
Overall the film was worth seeing. Granted you had to pay attention through out the entire film to connect the characters and piece together the message -- not a tremendous challenge. Granted the dialogue of the future timeline was terrible corny, but the characters made it worthwhile. Watching how characters did or did not develop throughout the time lines was interesting and picking out each point of change and then reflecting on it afterward was the fun part. The time jumps can get a bit much, but in the end they reconcile comfortably.
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By Peneflix
Written November 07, 2012
What a remarkable surprise, entering with massive trepidation, realizing after fifteen minutes that "I really liked it"... "Cloud Atlas", (referring to a symphony composed as the film progresses ) is based upon the novel by David Mitchell, directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski ("The Matrix"); it is elegant, beautiful, lyrical, metaphorical, comical, confusing and confounding; a feast for the imagination; my best advice is to let "Cloud Atlas" imprison your mind's eye, take reign and gallop with one of the most ambitious, compelling stories in recent film. Confusion eventually morphs into understanding as we watch a myriad of talented actors assume various personages, gender changes, good/evil depictions through three disparate eras... THREE & 1/2 STARS!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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Soooo Boring!

By nlivings68
Written June 16, 2013
Too slow & boring for me to form any interest in any particular character or storyline. Skip this movie if you haven't seen it already.
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By paulporterus
Written December 04, 2013
just a pretentious piece of crap. 1 you cant understand a word the actors are speaking 2.even if you could it makes no sense 3There are 100's if not 1,000's of great S-F novels that would make great movies,but Holl wood pays rotten people who think they are great but they are (they Think) really clever to write this crap.
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