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Forget the Atlas bring a GPS

By Windwounder
Written November 02, 2012
The movie would have been better if they had just told a linear story. I got the story, but jumping from era to era and between the stories seemed a waste. Were they just trying to hide the weaker aspects of the film? They could have dropped the story of the publisher and gained by subtraction. 2:45 was too long for this movie. I think the average viewer would need a flow chart to keep track of the story lines. The biggest let down for me was the make up. At best some of the Caucasians turned Asian looked alien. Stick some ears on them and they could be Vulcans. The old man make up for Hugh Grant was ridiculous. It was a hard mask that just looked too rigid and too big. Some good visuals. The acting is mixed depending on which story they are telling. Viggo's death character brought in the are you kidding me factor. Totally unnecessary and out of place. They are letting the costumes and make up run the show. Wait for DVD and you can watch good and skip the bad.
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I smell OSCAR!!

By limaro60
Written October 29, 2012
An amazing movie! If you like the type of movie that will keep you interested the whole way, this is it!! the stories are interesting, funny, pack with action, drama and even tears! one of the best movies I've watched in a long time!!!
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Complicated but interesting

By JRE-Chicago
Written November 05, 2012
To many stories running at the same time...specially during the first half of the movie. he feeling of being lost invade me during that half. The second half improves in this sense and introduces critics to society that are very interesting. At the end you have a mix feeling of understanding the point but loosing something...kind of waiting to see the interconnection of the multiple stories, besides the phenotype of some characters. I like it!!!!
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Cloud Atlas

By deriksmith97
Written November 02, 2012
One of the Worst Movies I have seen. Not worth of being a B movie. Not for kids or anyone at any age. Do not waste your money. Sex, gay situations, killings, scenes did not do anything for the movie. Could not follow the story. Jumps from one century to another and back again. Plot? What Plot. They forgot to put that in. Movies should be for entertainment. Should have a beginning, body and an ending. I won't give the ending away because there isn't any. Some parts I could not understand what their saying. Looks like they cramed a bunch of scenes together to produce a film. Tried really hard to sit through almost 3 hours. After 2.5hrs I could not take it anymore and walked out. I believe that if someone in not satisfied with the film they should get a full refund. If enough people could get there money back maybe directors would produce better films.
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Cloud Atlas

Written October 28, 2012
The movie was too disjointed. Thought about leaving one hour in but stuck it out. Felt like I wasted 3 hrs of my day. Should have went to see something else.
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