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Cloud Atlas worth watching

By apernst
Written April 18, 2015
I went into Cloud Atlas not knowing quite what to expect. I'd read the reviews about the history of its making, the difficulties the directors ran into during the adaptation, so was expecting to have to work a bit to follow the plot. In the end, that was indeed true. The constant cutting between the different narrative threads took a bit more engagement than I normally expend at the movies. The message of "we are all connected through time" was also a bit hokey and heavy-handed. Some of the make-up was also distracting. Having said that, the film is visually stunning. The action running throughout each of the story lines also kept me engaged. I'd very much recommend it.
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Not a Mindless Evening at the Movies

By Yayanel
Written May 05, 2015
Cloud Atlas is an interesting well performed movie and with a complex story. It was difficult at times to make connections but worth the effort. I will need to see it again to better connect the threads of the story. It was great to see a film that creates discussion about the story and not just "I like the part when ..."
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Cloud Atlas -- Destined to be a Classic; A Film About Interwined Destinies

Written May 23, 2015
Aloha, Your Hawaiian MODDHA Reviewer here: This Film once again shows how this director team (Matrix, Speed Racer, Run Lola Run;) are willing to push the envelope, redefining what is possible or expected in modern film making. Stay to watch the end credits as you see how the make-up, gender switches, and costumes acorss the films portrayal of its characters 1,000 year time line is impeccably accomplihsed. The original story and the movie itself are stunning visually, emotionaly, and place a perspective square on the minds of its audiance on your views of applied life ethics, moriality, and behavior. That such a film could be made in 2012 is a testament to the director's and producers' tenancity and uncompromising dedication to the true art and form of film making. An amazung film that challenges your imagination, while at the same moment inspires its characters (and naturally the audience) to understand that we are Spirits in Flesh; Total ride of immersion & compelling story. GO!
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By andrewlipsky1
Written September 16, 2014
Roger Ebert gave Cloud Atlas a glowing review and 4 stars which is especially poignant because the film got mixed reviews and the film has been dumped on critically. But I feel like he got it - the film is really ambitious, powerful, moving, and a rare paean to not only the indelible interconnectedness of humanity and human longing, but to freedom and self-determination that captures the eternally recurring moral struggle, at times violent and not for the weak-willed, necessary to secure one's own liberty and happiness and preserve it for generations to come. There is a lot take in, and may benefit from repeat viewings, but very, very worth it. Awesome.
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What a piece of cr--p!!

By Daisymommy48
Written September 22, 2014
This was the worst written movie. Don't matter who the talent is, or the directing. It all starts with the writing, and it was disjointed, rambling, without a feeling of where it was going. No clear message and what a loss of time for all those actors, etc. I just heard from my daughter that I couldve walked out in the middle and gotten my money back! I wish I had! I will remember that for the next time if I ever again see a piece of cr-p movie like this. What a sad sad loss of time!
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